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To do well as an organisation, you need to upgrade the skill of your employees constantly. Employee training is an essential component without which it is difficult to remain competitive in today’s world. However, it is not possible to provide employee training effectively without the help of technology. That is where an LMS comes into the picture. An LMS helps organisations deliver training modules and courses to their employees effectively. More and more companies are now switching to an LMS to provide the requisite training to their employees. But it is crucial to understand that all LMSs are not made equal. To get the best out of your LMS solution, you need a reliable LMS software service provider. It is vital, therefore, to select your LMS software service provider with a lot of caution.

But when you have vStacks Infotech in India, you don’t need to worry about finding a reliable LMS software service provider. vStacks Infotech is a software development company based out of Noida, and our product eZnetLMShas found pan India acceptance among the corporates. With offices in the USA, the UK, and the UAE, we have everything that it takes to deliver the best LMS solution to customers in India.

eZnetLMS is a cloud-based, all-inclusive application that can manage your entire workflow. It is a feature-rich, intuitive, and user-friendly LMS with all the ingredients that businesses and educational institutes need to impart quality training and learning to their audiences.

But it is crucial to evaluate the LMS properly if you want to reap the full benefits of the application.

What is an LMS

An LMS is a software designed to create, manage, and distribute the delivery of course content. The course content can be an educational course or an advanced training program.An LMS is either cloud-based or hosted as a stand-alone product on your organisation’s server.

It is crucial to mention here that most companies now opt for a cloud-based LMS because of the advantages it offers.

Benefits of using an LMS

A learning management system offers several benefits. Some of these include:

  1. Learners can access the learning material on the go.
  2. It offers flexible learning paths.
  3. You can use a variety of learning materials.
  4. You can analyse learning patterns easily.
  5. It automates many of your learning processes.
  6. It provides equal opportunities to all the learners.
  7. It keeps your course content safe and secure.
  8. It reduces your learning and development costs.
  9. Micro-learning makes learning easy and fun.
  10. It promotes self-learning.

LMS evaluation

LMS evaluation is an extremely crucial step, and you should take all the precautions you can to get the best solution for your company. Here is how you should evaluate the solution:

  • Make sure you first assess your needs.
  • The LMS you select should offer seamless accessibility. The sign-in process should not be cumbersome; it should be simple and easy.
  • The LMS design should be user-friendly and intuitive.
  • It should have all the features and functionalities you need.
  • Never overlook customisation.
  • Choose an LMS that offers robust security and secure data management.
  • Evaluate the vendor on the kind of customer support and training they offer.
  • You should also evaluate the vendors on the pricing.
  • Also, check the vendor’s reliability.

Why you should select vStacks Infotech as your LMS software service provider?

We have the requisite experience and exposure. We have been in the software development business for years, and we have a reputation for delivering workable software solutions.

eZnetLMS is an extremely user-friendly and intuitive LMS that offers seamless accessibility. It offers a single sign-on.

Our LMS is a feature-rich LMS. From employee management, centre management, and course management to class-room management, on-job training management, calendar management, paper management, trainer management, online test management, reporting & analytics, assessment tools, you get an array of features to provide up-to-date training to your employees.

Over and above this, we can customise our LMS to suit your requirements.

We offer robust security to our customers because we have datacentres of our own.

We provide our customers the training they need and offer round the clock customer support.

Our rates are competitive that match the best in the industry.

We have been in the market for the last twenty years, which is proof enough we are reliable.

If you are looking for a reliable LMS software service provider in India, you should get in touch with vStacks Infotech now.

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