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    Whether you are a start-up, mid-sized organisation, or a well-established conglomerate, having a mobile application is essential for businesses today. From Tata and Reliance to a bakery or a plumbing store near you, every progressive business establishment seems to have a mobile app of its own to serve their customers. But to reap all the benefits of a mobile app, it is crucial to have a feature-rich, functional, and user-friendly app. All mobile apps are not equal. Unless your mobile app is innovative, high on functionality, and intuitive, it cannot give you rich dividends. Regardless of where you do your business, it is vital to have an up-to-date mobile app for your business. And, to get a modern mobile app for your business, you need a professional and reliable mobile app development services company in your region. However, with so many mobile app development services companies out there in the market, how do you select the best for your business. That is why you need to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best app development company.

    Welcome to the world of vStacks Infotech. vStacks Infotech is a software development company headquartered in the US. We have offices in the UK and the UAE as well. We have more than two decades of experience in the software development industry. We believe in educating our customers and prospects so that they can make informed technology-related decisions.

    We have our global development centre in Noida from where we serve our clients in the international as well as the Indian market.

    Why do businesses need mobile apps?

    First, it is vital to understand why do your business needs a mobile app. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a mobile app:

    1. A mobile app helps you promote your products or services effortlessly.
    2. An app helps increase customer engagement.
    3. An app can help you communicate directly with your customers.
    4. A mobile app can help you formulate an effective marketing strategy.
    5. A mobile app can help you increase your customer base.
    6. An app can help increase your sales.
    7. It can help you maximize return on your investments.
    8. It increases brand awareness.
    9. It promotes brand loyalty.
    10. It adds value to your customers.

    Types of mobile apps

    A mobile application is a software designed to run on mobile devices like a smartphone, tablet, or watch. A mobile app finds its way to the device through the operating system of the mobile device. Both Android App Stores and Apple iTunes Store have millions of apps ready for deployment. Broadly, there are three types of mobile apps:

    1. Native apps
    2. Hybrid apps
    3. Web apps

    A mobile application can be a:

    1. Business or productivity app
    2. Gaming app
    3. m-commerce app
    4. Educational app
    5. Lifestyle app
    6. Travel app
    7. Entertainment app, or

    Utility app like Sahayak. Sahayak is the best business app for maintenance. It is a readymade mobile app solution from the stable of vStacks Infotech for business aggregators and start-ups who want to make a mark in the home and office maintenance industry.

    What to look for in a mobile app development company?

    If you want to select the best mobile app development company for your business, make sure you look at the following things:

    1. Have a look at their portfolio.
    2. Check out their expertise.
    3. Don’t fall for cheap app developers.
    4. Find out about the platform they can work on.
    5. How well they can communicate with you?
    6. Are they willing to understand your business?
    7. Don’t compromise on the timeline.
    8. Focus on the design aspect of the app.
    9. Ask them how they plan to bring them on the app stores.
    10. And, don’t forget about maintenance.

    Why should you select vStacks Infotech as the mobile app development services company in India?

    1. The number one reason why you should select vStacks Infotech as the mobile app development company for your business is our rich experience.
    2. We have expert designers, developers, UX/ UI professionals, and testers. We design user-friendly and intuitive mobile apps so that your customers don’t find it hard to use the app.
    3. We work across platforms and technologies.
    4. Our portfolio speaks volumes about our commitment to innovative technology. We have served clients in diverse verticals.
    5. We assign a dedicated person to deal with each of our clients so that there is no communication gap. First, we try to understand your need, and then offer solutions.
    6. We strictly adhere to the timeline we commit.
    7. We can customize your app to suit your requirements.
    8. We offer proactive customer support to all our clients.
    9. We can deploy and maintain your app for as long as you want.
    10. We offer competitive pricing that matches the best in the industry.

    If you are looking for a professional and reliable mobile app development services company in India, you can get in touch with vStacks Infotech now.