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Learning management system or LMS is a tool that you just cannot do without if you are even remotely connected to the learning and training sector. And why not, it allows you to provide meaningful eLearning experience to your audience. It helps you to develop, maintain and deploy various eLearning courses, which are intrinsic to the development and growth of scores of people around the world cutting across all industries. But, with so many options available out there in the market, it is difficult to zero in on the best learning management systems.

Thanks to eLearning or eLMS, creating course material and delivering it to your respective audience is now neither difficult nor costly. More so if you have a learning management system like eZnetLMS, things turn out to be pretty simple and straight forward for you and your organisation.

A software offering from vStacks Infotech, eZnetLMS is a cloud based software, which is capable of taking care of all the learning and development needs of your organisation.

But, to be fair to others, how do you really evaluate an LMS? Here are some tips on how to evaluate and select the best learning management system for the betterment of your organisation. However, let us first understand what is a learning management system?

What is an LMS?

LMS or learning management system is an application used to plan, monitor, implement and track the learning content. It is a centralized system which is used by organisations to provide training programs to its workforce. LMS is a software used by businesses of all sizes for effective delivery of training and/ or learning programs.

How to evaluate an LMS?

These days you need to create and deliver excellent training material so that you can keep your staff up to date and current on all the recent developments. Effective training is also an integral part of every individual’s personal growth story.

Hence, your decision of buying an LMS should be based on these strong evaluating factors so that it fulfils all the training needs of your organisation.

The LMS you buy should be intuitive and easy to use

The single most important factor which should tilt your decision in its favour is the ease of use of the LMS. Poor user experience is the primary reason why companies switch to another LMS. And, the second reason is the poor administrative experience. After all, what is the point in buying a complex LMS, which is not user friendly. And, not all the LMSs out there in the market are user friendly. However, when you buy eZnetLMS you get an interface that is not just easy to use, but is also inherently intuitive. With eZnteLMS you can rest assure that your staff will not find it difficult to use.

The LMS should be able to integrate with the existing systems of your organisations with ease

Another important feature which is a must have for organisations is its ability to integrate with the existing systems. Data sharing across the organisation should not become a problem, and therefore your LMS needs to integrate well with the existing systems. With eZnetLMS you can be sure that it integrates well with the existing systems of your organisation. Whether it is your HRMS, CRM or ERP systems, eZnetLMS has the ability to integrate with any of the systems pretty efficiently.

Look for other essential LMS features

You of course need to assess your needs in terms of features, but there are some essential features, which an LMS should offer. For example, it should be mobile friendly, it must have content reusability features and should also have social and micro learning capabilities. And, when you buy eZnetLMS you don’t have to worry about these features as you get all of them and more.

The support services on offer with the LMS

This is again a very important feature which you should never overlook. What is the kind of support the vendor is ready to provide with the LMS you are planning to purchase? Any new system or platform that you install in your office would require regular and constant support. If you are not getting regular support, then you can have a lot of problems in the near future. With eZnetLMS you would never have to worry about support. Email, phone, or chat, you get support from vStacks Infotech whenever you need it.

The price of the LMS

Last but not the least, you would also have to consider the price you will have to shell out for the LMS. Though, it should never be a limiting factor, but never the less you have to look at the amount you will have to pay at the end of the day. Prices are never a cause of concern when you are dealing with a company like vStacks Infotech. eZnetLMS is one of the most competitively priced LMS in the market.

At vStacks Infotech we make sure that all your training and learning needs are properly taken care of and that you are able to groom your staff the way you want.