Website development company in Noida

India had 658 million Internet users, according to the latest World Population Review. It means that almost half of the Indian population enjoys access to the Internet these days. Now, if you don’t have an effective online presence, you are missing big time on opportunities. That is why businesses need to have a website. But there is a lot of competition on the Internet, and all websites don’t yield similarly on the sales front. What is meant by an effective online presence? It encompasses many things but the basic thing you definitely need is a modern, professional, attractive, and feature-rich website. To get a professional website like that you need to hire a reliable and skilled website development company. However, if you operate in Delhi-NCR then the glad tiding is that vStacks Infotech is not only a reliable website development company in Noida, but it has the requisite capability and experience to build and manage your online presence.

A preferred website

In today’s times, the single most important thing to consider is customer experience. If you are unable to offer an excellent customer experience to your users, it is difficult for you and your website to do well on the Internet.

To make your website successful, here are a few things that you need to ensure.

Make sure your website is:

  • User-friendly
  • Mobile compatible
  • Accessible to all your users
  • Easy to use
  • Well-formatted
  • Easy to navigate
  • Loading up quickly
  • Working consistently in all browsers
  • Having a valid mark-up and clean code
  • Having a contrasting colour scheme
  • Having forms that are usable.

It takes a lot to make a website tick on the Internet. That is why you need to ensure that the web design and development company you hire should be capable enough to tick all of these boxes.

What to look for in a website development company?

Website development is a complex process. You need experts to do the job. That is why you need to select a website development company with a lot of caution. Here is what you should be careful about:

Before getting on with the selection process, it is crucial to determine your needs. It is vital to know what you want your website to do for your visitors and your company. Unless you know your needs, you will not be able to get what you want. Do some homework and try to determine your needs first.

It is crucial to know your limits. Hence, it is vital to fix a budget for your project. You also need to fix a timeline so that you can start what you have planned to do in time. Once you are through with the first two, you need to focus on the third – starting your search. Spend some time on the internet to make a list of companies that you think can fulfil your needs. Speak to your friends and family for referrals. And, you can also check out the local business directories like Google Business Listings.

After shortlisting some companies, make sure you judge them on the following points, by visiting their websites:

Check out the following – website design of the company you are planning to hire, website load speed, call to actions, navigation, and where does it rank on major search engines. Also, do check out whether the website is mobile-friendly or not. If the company you are planning to hire checks out most of the boxes, then you can go ahead and speak to them.

It is vital to hire a company that understands the website development process properly. Without experience, it is difficult to deliver great results. It is vital, therefore, to check out their portfolio. Going through the portfolio would give you a fair bit of idea where they stand. Find out whether they deal with design or tackle development as well.

You don’t just need a website development company for the development of your website, but you also need them after your website is up and running. There are many changes that you might like to make after your site goes live. Moreover, you will also need them for maintenance and upgrade work. Always remember one thing – your relationship with the website development company will be a long one.

If you are planning to hire a website development company in Noida, you should get in touch with vStacks Infotech now. We have been in the software development business for more than twenty years now, and we know what it takes to develop a top-quality website. We are a one-stop-shop for all your digital needs. From website design and development to hosting, content marketing, email marketing, social media management, SEO services, and more, we can look after all your digital marketing needs.


LMS development service

The LMS (Learning Management System) market in India is a rapidly growing sector due to the increasing demand for e-learning and online education. According to a report by Research And Markets, the LMS market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 29% during the period 2020-2025. The Indian government has also launched several initiatives to promote e-learning and digital education, which is expected to further boost the growth of the LMS market in India. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of e-learning and online education in India, leading to increased demand for LMS solutions.

LMS development service refers to the process of creating a LMS for educational institutions or businesses that want to provide online training and learning opportunities to their employees or students. If you also want to employ a tailor-made LMS in your company and want to facilitate e-learning amongst your employees, or belong to the educator class then you should get in touch with vStacks Infotech in Noida, who is a leading provider of LMS development service. We have years of experience in delivering LMS development service to businesses in diverse verticals. With offices in the US, the UAE, and India, we have the international exposure to give the best to our clients. Our product eZnetLMS is a cloud-based, user-friendly, and intuitive solution. It has created a place for itself not just in India but also across the world. eZnetLMS is an all-inclusive cloud-based application that can train your entire workforce efficiently.

LMS development service

It typically includes the following steps:

  1. Requirement gathering: This includes understanding their learning objectives, the types of courses they want to offer, the user interface requirements, and any other customisations they need.
  2. Design and development: Once the requirements are gathered, the software architecture is designed and thereafter begins the coding process.
  3. Testing and quality assurance: Extensive testing and quality assurance checks to ensure the software is functioning as expected.
  4. Deployment and support: Finally the LMS is tested and approved; it is deployed to the client’s servers. The development team then provides ongoing support to the client.

LMS development service is offered by software development companies that specialise in e-learning technology, like vStacks Infotech. These companies have experience in developing custom LMS solutions for various industries, in diverse verticals.

Customisation of LMS

Customisation of LMS can help organisations to tailor their employees’ learning experience to their unique needs and requirements. Customising an LMS can provide many benefits, including improved learner engagement, better learning outcomes, and increased efficiency in training delivery.

  • Improved learner engagement: Customising an LMS can help create a more engaging and personalised learning experience for learners.
  • Enhanced learning outcomes: By integrating multimedia content, quizzes, and assessments an LMS may allow organisations to create a more effective and efficient learning experience.
  • Increased efficiency in training delivery: Customising an LMS can help organisations automate their training processes and streamline the delivery of training programs.
  • Better tracking and reporting: This also helps organisations to identify areas where learners may need additional support or where training programs may need to be modified to improve effectiveness.
  • Enhanced brand awareness: By incorporating branding elements into the LMS interface. This can help organisations to create a more cohesive and consistent brand image.

LMS development service by vStacks Infotech

LMS development service encompasses development, customisation of an LMS to implementing it to the contentment of the clients at their sites. What sets us apart from others is our ability to customise our offering eZnetLMS. Our expert developers can customise the solution to suit your requirements.

You also don’t need to worry about your growing needs. Our LMS offering is scalable. We can accommodate your growing needs without any problems. We also have a mobile app of eZnetLMS that you can use to cater to your mobile audience.

We have data centres of our own in the US, and we know how to keep your data protected. We put in place security protocols that keep your data protected.

Maintenance of the LMS is our responsibility. You don’t need to worry about maintenance. We offer all the support so that you can start using the LMS without any hassle.

Last but not least, our prices are not just competitive, but they match the best in the industry. So, if you are looking for a reliable LMS development service, you must contact vStacks Infotech today.

LMS Software Development Company

Notwithstanding the size of your organisation, training and development is an important process for all companies. It is generally believed that trained employees perform better, which means your returns can mount if you have a suitably trained workforce. To provide a steady and regular learning experience to your workforce, you need to employ technology. One tool that can fully automate your company’s learning and development necessities is an LMS. Yes, an LMS entirely automates the learning and training practice within your organisation. That is why most organisations have now started using an LMS to train their employees. As a matter of fact today 72% of businesses invest in a quality LMS to gain advantage over their competition, as reported by FinanceOnline (

But all LMSs are not the same. To get the most out of your LMS, you need to make sure that you hire a reliable LMS development company. Unless the LMS software development company is reliable, you cannot provide a consistent and harmonious learning experience to your employees.

Choose the LMS solution that keeps your business ahead of its competition by improving the productivity of your employees, as they find it easy to learn new things. Contact vStacks Infotech now to get a tailor-made LMS. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about finding a reliable LMS software development company in the Delhi-NCR because here you have vStacks Infotech around. We are a software development company based out of Noida, and we have been serving clients in the NCR for a long time now. Our product eZnetLMS has not just received widespread acceptance in this region, but it has also created a niche for itself on the global stage. It is an all-inclusive cloud-based application that can manage learning requirements of your entire workforce efficiently.

Why do businesses need an LMS?

An LMS is a tool that allows you to organise, implement, assess, evaluate and monitor company-wide learning processes. Also, the application lets you deliver content, monitor learner participation, and evaluate their performance on a click of a button.

Some of the advantages of using a learning management system include:

  1. It offers a controlled and consistent company-wide learning experience.
  2. It makes tracking and reporting stress-free.
  3. It makes learning an engaging experience.
  4. It allows you to keep your courses more pertinent.
  5. It allows you to hand out your content among your learner employees effortlessly.
  6. It cuts the training cost substantially.
  7. It streamlines the flow of information within your organisation.

And, if the LMS is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, then it gives your employees the freedom of downloading their training modules, on the go, with their mobile devices.

Why you should select vStacks Infotech?

vStacks Infotech is a leading LMS software development company in Noida, and our LMS solution has received international acceptance.

Our eZnetLMS is rich on the features and adaptability front. Some of the features include—

  • Trainee management
  • Course management
  • Classroom management
  • On-job training management
  • Calendar management
  • Paper management
  • Trainer management
  • Online test management
  • Reporting and analytics

Apart from having all the basic LMS features, what sets us ahead of our competition is our ability to customise our offering. We customise eZnetLMS to the extent that it matches all your expectations. It has an easily comprehensible user-friendly interface, which the learners enjoy.

We have datacentres of our own in the US, and we know how to keep your data protected. We put in place best security practices to keep your data protected, at all times and places. We offer trusted customer support to all our customers. From initial on-boarding to software maintenance and support, we keep you covered on all fronts. Our solution is highly scalable and we make sure that it gels with your existing systems. And last but not the least, our prices are not just competitive, but they match the best in the industry.

So, if you are looking for an all-inclusive LMS solution in Delhi-NCR, you should get in touch with vStacks Infotech. Contact us for a free demo today!

Web designing service provider

Thanks to growing digitisation and proliferation of Internet-ready mobile devices in every nook and corner of India, now more and more people (read your prospects) are hooked to these devices. So, as a businessman in India, if you still don’t have a mobile-friendly, responsive website, you are probably missing out on revenue big time. And, if you have a modern-day website, and still not able to obtain the desired results then you need to do a rethink on strategies front. And, if any of this is sounding uncomfortable to you, then you need to hire a reliable web designing service provider operating in your vicinity. Brighter side for the businesses that are based out in Noida is that they have the leading web designing service provider in their neighbourhood— vStacks Infotech.

The main purpose of a website is to increase footfall and augment profits. If you do not have a website, or are not getting enough visitors then you need to think of engaging a consistent web designing service provider like vStacks Infotech. vStacks Infotech is a professional web designing service provider which provides 24X7 expert support. We have ample experience to meet all your web design requirements, and show you how to harness the full potential of the Internet. For improved growth and enhanced customer satisfaction contact us today.

What is responsive web design?

RWD (Responsive Web Design) allows your website to fit into the size of your user’s device without changing the URL and content source. Responsive web design should offer a seamless experience to your users on all the devices. It means your website should look the same on all the devices, including tablets and smartphones of the day. RWD uses HTML and CSS to automatically resize a website to make it appear good on all devices.

Earlier developers had to make multiple website to accommodate different screen sizes. But it was often not a feasible option, and so came the RWD. Having a responsive web design, therefore, is not a trend any more— it is a necessity which businesses cannot ignore now.

Why is it important for businesses to opt for RWD?

With a responsive web design, you can increase your reach to your prospects who nowadays mostly carry their mobile devices everywhere they go. Using responsive web design, you offer a seamless experience to your customers which can increase lead generation, boost your sales, and improve your conversions.

Having a responsive web design ensures that analytics, reporting, and tracking can all happen from one place. You also save on time and money in managing the content of your website.

Last but not least, it helps you stay ahead of your competitors. So, now if you stand convinced that you need a makeover for your existing website or need to tweak the strategies that could shape your business online and that you need to hire a professional web design service provider for the job, then you must think on following lines, before selecting a web designing service provider.

Finding the best web designing service provider

Selecting a time-tested web design service provider for making and maintaining your website is a crucial decision to make. You should carefully weigh your options, do some research on your own and then finalise.

It is important to look for a company that is established and has ample experience. You can gauge this from their number of years in operation, clients they work for and the portfolio they carry. A long term approach is always more paying. Hence, a company that is professional, has stable business operation and can take care of your long term needs is what you should look for.

It is your website and you should always have access to its content, whether for an update or edit. There are several content management options available. Make sure the company you hire uses a content management system or CMS software that has easy to use interface. If not on a CMS, editing or adding content would become very expensive. WordPress or Joomla are a few open source platforms.

Support is an important function which you cannot do without and it is better that the terms are spelt out in advance. The company you hire should be able to provide timely, reliable, knowledgeable and cost effective support. Changes on the World Wide Web happen at a lightning fast speed, a professional help therefore is a must. From email to hosting and domain name to using the content management system, you might need their help at every step.

If you have a business and do not have a website yet or if you have one but are not getting the desired results from your website, then you should immediately get in touch with vStacks Infotech. We are a one-stop-shop for guaranteeing you a tremendous online presence!

LMS System Provider in Noida

Employees have become smart and intelligent these days. Besides remuneration, one thing that they focus on is training. That is why every company worth its name in the market has something to offer its employees on the training front. But with the shift in training methods recently, businesses must embrace the correct tools and techniques to train their employees. That is where an LMS comes into the picture. Regardless of your operations’ size, place, and scale, companies need to choose the right LMS system to impart training to their employees. And things are not any different in Noida either. However, looking for a reliable LMS system provider in Noida is crucial if you want to keep your employees abreast of all the latest developments in your vertical. But with so many LMS system providers in Noida, how do you select the best LMS system provider for your company? You need to weigh your options carefully and follow a strict checklist to engage with a trustworthy company.

But when you have vStacks Infotech in Noida, you don’t need to worry about finding a reliable LMS system provider in Noida.

Welcome to the world of vStacks Infotech!

vStacks Infotech is one of the best LMS system providers in Noida.

We have years of experience in delivering workable software solutions for businesses in diverse verticals. With offices in the US, the UAE, and India, we have the international exposure to give the best to our clients. Our product eZnetLMS is a cloud-based, user-friendly, and intuitive solution. It has created a place for itself not just in India but also across the world.

eZnetLMS is an all-inclusive cloud-based application that can train your entire workforce efficiently.

What is an LMS?

A learning management system or LMS is software used by companies of all sizes and across industries for the effective delivery of learning and/ or training programs. It delivers academic courses and/ or training curriculums to a large captive audience. LMS is an enterprise-wide application that organises all your learning content in one place and enhances the flow of information to the managers. It is a tool that monitors, tracks, and reports the performance of each student/ trainee in the group.

How to evaluate an LMS?

Here are some of the aspects that you need to focus on while evaluating an LMS service provider:

  1. Experience
  2. Ease of use
  3. Features and functionalities
  4. Customisation
  5. Scalability and mobility
  6. Security
  7. Maintenance and support
  8. Price

Why vStacks Infotech is the best LMS system provider in Noida?

We have been in the software development industry for a long time, and we know what it takes to deliver workable LMS solutions. We also have international exposure that helps us deliver the best and the latest to our clients.

eZnetLMS is not just easy to use, but it is intuitive as well.

It has all the latest features and functionalities you need to impart quality training to your employees.

What sets us apart from others is our ability to customise our offering. Our expert developers can customise the solution to suit your requirements.

You also don’t need to worry about your growing needs. Our LMS offering is scalable. We can accommodate your growing needs without any problems. Also, we have a mobile app of eZnetLMS, which you can use to cater to your mobile audience.

We have data centres of our own in the US, and we know how to keep your data protected. We put in place security protocols that keep your data protected.

Maintenance of the LMS is our responsibility. You don’t need to worry about maintenance. Also, we offer all the support so that you can start using our LMS without any hassle. We offer round-the-clock customer support to all our clients.

Last but not least, our prices are not just competitive, but they match the best in the industry.

If you are looking for a reliable LMS system provider in Noida, you must contact vStacks Infotech now.

Digital Marketing Services in Noida

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use the Internet. That is, when marketing activities are done over the Internet, this kind of marketing is known as, digital marketing. Here in, we utilise digital channels, such as search engines, email, websites, social media, etc., in order to connect with existing and potential customers.

Unlike old-style marketing, the digital version allows you to reach a larger audience and target more probable prospects, which makes way for a higher conversion rate. Furthermore, it is more cost-effective, compared to the traditional ways of marketing. At the same time, it also enables you to measure success and make adaptations in marketing strategies, as you move ahead.

Marketing is all about selecting the correct channels to touch your target audience well. The key to effective marketing has always been about connecting with the right set of audiences, in the right place, and at the right time. As businesses see people near them glued to their screens, digital media becomes the preferred channel for them to launch their marketing pitches. They are using effective digital marketing strategies to reach out to customers and ensure significant commercial benefits. 

Advantages of Digital Marketing

It becomes nearly impossible, viewing the humungous costs involved or cumbersome modalities while creating a marketing campaign that aims to touch its audience across the globe. But, as we move from traditional methods to digital, we see that happening, and much more cost effective now. Even a small business owner can now, via online means, reach out to an international audience. This online openness has unlocked many growth opportunities for businesses to explore, as it gives them a combination of global reach and visibility.

The best part of this visibility enhancement is that global visibility does not obscure the local appearance. Try searching out ‘Grocery Store near me on a Search Engine, and it will give you a relevant result. Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and locally targeted advertisements can be beneficial for businesses trying to bring more customers to their doors. Earlier, it would take you to print out flyers and distribute them around, with newspapers, but not anymore.

Digital marketing allows you to extract data to see which set of audiences will work best for you and optimise your campaign around them. SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), or through information, already fed to social media, you could locate your target audience.

How to select the best digital marketing agency in Noida?

You may be operating your business from the Silicon Valley of the USA, India, or UP (Noida), you require a digital marketing agency, as keeping a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals could not be economically viable in most cases. It is crucial to know how to select the best online marketing agency for your business.

To start with, make sure you identify your digital marketing goals. Then, list a few probable digital marketing agencies that keep popping up to you, as you browse the Net. Shortlist the agencies that have an organised easy-to-use Website, loading quickly and professionally designed. Then you can ask them to share their keyword ranking statistics. If the keyword ranks are encouraging, you can be sure that they are good at SEO as well.

Digital marketing takes time to deliver the desired results, so you should always be prepared for a long-term relationship, with your agency. But, at any stage, don’t overlook the process they follow. The agency you hire should not have any problem in formulating a custom program of digital marketing strategies to suit your needs and goals. You also need to find out the techniques and methods the agency would use to learn the key processes of your industry, or if they had done a similar marketing campaign in the past. Finally, don’t forget that value is more important than price.

If you are based out of the Delhi-NCR region and are looking for a reliable digital marketing agency in Noida, you should get in touch with vStacks Infotech now. We are a full-service digital marketing company, and we know what it takes to make your business more visible online. We have done it already, and keen to do it for you.

CRM Application Development Company

With choices for the consumers increasing by the day, companies need to rise to the expectations of their customers to ward off the competition and keep them happy and satisfied. However, customer management is not what it used to be in the past. Things have changed significantly in the customer management domain. These days, unless you use the right tools, it is tough to manage your customers. And one tool that businesses just cannot do without is a CRM application. Most companies use a CRM solution to serve their customers better. Regardless of where you operate, companies need to use a robust customer relationship management solution to keep their customers happy. And things are not any different in India either. But all CRMs are not made equal. That is why you need to look for a reliable CRM application development company that can provide you with the best resources to use your solution. However, how do you select the best CRM application development company for your company?

When you have vStacks Infotech in Noida, you don’t need to worry about finding a reliable CRM application development company.

Welcome to the world of vStacks Infotech!

vStacks Infotech is a reliable CRM application development company based out of Noida. Our product, eZnetCRM, is an intuitive and user-friendly generic CRM that has been well-accepted by customers, both big and small. What makes us stand out from the other companies is we can customise our offering to suit your requirements.

eZnetCRM is a cloud-based, enterprise-wide CRM solution that can help you build strong relationships with your customers.

What is CRM application development?

CRM application development is not all that easy. You need to know the pulse of your customers to develop a smart CRM solution. Your developers need a clear understanding of your consumer’s behaviour to deliver trustworthy software. CRM application development is an evolutionary process. You must test the application at numerous stages to offer a robust solution. While developing software, developers need to pay special attention to two things – user interface and user experience.

After all, those using the product should not face any problems. If the CRM solution has an unfriendly user interface, it becomes difficult for the users to use the system, resulting in a poor user experience. Hence, it is vital to test the product on various fronts. And without proper research and testing, it is tough to deliver a robust and smart solution.

Benefits of using eZnetCRM software

eZnetCRM is useful for businesses both big and small. There are several benefits of using eZnetCRM. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. eZnetCRM can streamline your business processes.
  2. It stores all your customer data and information in one place.
  3. It can increase the efficiency of your employees significantly.
  4. It can help boost your sales.
  5. It helps improve customer satisfaction.
  6. It helps you to serve your customers better.
  7. It improves your customer service.
  8. It offers better analytics.

Benefits of using eZnetCRM software

Some of the CRM services we offer include:

  • CRM consulting
  • CRM application development
  • CRM mobile app development
  • CRM integration services
  • Migration services
  • CRM implementation
  • Maintenance and upgrade services

How to evaluate a CRM application development company?

If you want to select the best for your organisation, make sure the CRM application development company you choose ticks all these boxes:

  • Experience
  • Ease of use
  • Great feature-set
  • Customisation
  • Integration
  • Support
  • Return on investment
  • Scalability and mobility

Why you should select vStacks Infotech as your CRM application development company?

We have the requisite exposure, experience, and expertise to develop innovative software solutions for businesses in diverse verticals. Our developers have worked diligently in developing eZnetCRM from scratch.

The product is not just easy to use, but it is intuitive as well. It has a user-friendly interface and people find it extremely easy to navigate.

eZnetCRM is a feature-rich solution. We have all the features and functionalities that businesses need to strengthen customer relationships. Some of the major features include:

  • Accessible database
  • Marketing management
  • Calendar and task management
  • Inventory management
  • Real-time dashboard and reporting
  • Lead management
  • Quote management
  • Document management

Every organisation has some unique needs. Our professional developers are capable of customising our solution to suit your requirements. We offer a solution that can meet your needs.

eZnetCRM can integrate well with most of your existing applications; hence, you don’t need to worry about integration.

We offer round-the-clock customer support to all our clients. We have a responsive customer care, and our dedicated team can resolve all your issues.

When you use eZnetCRM, you can rest assured about your return on your investments. The product will help you generate a lot of revenue.

You also don’t need to worry about scalability and mobility. Our CRM services are scalable, you don’t need to worry about your growing needs. Also, since your sales team can use the CRM solution on the go, they can serve their customers better.

We offer competitive pricing, and our rates are comparable to the best in the industry.

If you are looking for a reliable CRM application development company in India, you must contact vStacks Infotech now.

Want to Get Noticed on social media? Think About Videos!

Engaging with their target audience is the most vital thing for every business. There are many channels available these days to engage your audience. Companies use many mediums to convey their messages to customers and prospects. Among many channels, social media is now one of the most crucial spaces to engage your audiences. To beat the competition and do well as a business, you need to be active on social media.

Social media is a vast domain. You have social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, image sharing & messaging sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, social blogging sites like Medium and Tumblr, social community and discussion sites, and video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. You need to tap each one of them effectively to reach and engage with your audience.

From writing a blog and sharing images to uploading video content, you need to have a robust social media marketing strategy to reach and engage effectively with your existing customers and prospects.

However, when you formulate your social media marketing strategy, you need to pay special attention to video content.


The reason why you need to focus on video marketing is – because the video content is capable of getting you more shares and conversions than any other type of marketing content.

But to make your video marketing successful, you need to understand that your video content needs to be engaging and it should have the right specs.

If you are already doing video marketing but are not getting the desired results or in case you are starting your video campaign, then you are in the right place.  Let us take you through how video gets you noticed on social media – know the specs before you get started, types of content you could post, and ideas to get you started with video.

Know the specs before you get started

If you want to generate higher and better engagement with your audience, then you need to tell (read the video) your story in the right manner. A lot goes into making a video. From subtitles and length to details and sound, you need to get everything right to make your video more engaging and interesting.

However, the first thing you need to get right is this – know the specs before you get started.

When it comes to video content, it is important to understand the specs first. Let us take you through the video specs of Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook video specs

On Facebook, the most common type of video comes from shared posts. There can be two orientation for this type of video content – Landscape and Portrait. Here are the video specs for both:

For Landscape and Portrait, the recommended video dimension is 1280 x 720, and the minimum width is 600 pixels.

The Landscape aspect ratio is 16:9, and the Portrait aspect ratio is 9:16.

For mobile, the aspect ratio for both is 2:3.

The maximum file size is 4 GB.

The recommended video formats are .MP4 and .MOV.

The maximum video length is 120 minutes.

The video max frames 30fps.

In the case of character limits, the maximum count is 2,200 characters. If a link is used, then the recommended count is 90 characters. The headline should not be more than 25 characters. And, link description should not be more than 30 characters.

Similarly, there are different specs for 360 video, Facebook video ads, carousel video ads, collection video ads (mobile), canvas video ads within news feeds, autoplay video within canvas ads, Slideshow video ads, and Facebook stories.

Instagram video specs

Video content is also extremely popular on Instagram. Here are the specs for in-feed video – Landscape, Square, and Vertical:

For Landscape video, the minimum resolution is 600 x 315, for Square video, the minimum resolution is 600 x 600., and for Vertical video, the minimum resolution is 600 x 750.

The aspect ratio for Landscape is 16:9, for Square, it is 1:1, and for Vertical, it is 4:5.

The file size for all formats is a maximum of 4 GB.

The recommended video formats are .MP4 and . MOV.

The maximum video length is 60 seconds.

The video max frames at 30fps.

In the case of character limits, the maximum caption is 2,200 characters, and the caption recommendation is 125 characters.

Similarly, there are different specs for Instagram video ads, carousel video ads, Instagram stories, and Instagram TV.

Hence, if you want your video marketing to be successful, you need to make sure that you follow the specs of each platform.

Types of content you could post

The more engaging and interesting you make your video content, the more people will consume it.

What makes for interesting content?

If you know the types of content you could post, it would make things much easier for you. Isn’t it?

Let us give you a brief on some of the topics that are known to perform better on social media:

Interview/ Q&A – People just love to engage with informative interviews and Q&As that tend to answer your questions. You can sit with one of your team members and make it look like an interview. Or, if you are planning to go solo, then you can opt for the Q&A format.

Behind the scene – People are curious to know how you do your work. It is a good idea to make a video highlighting those who work for you. You can highlight your company culture and connect with your audience.

Product or feature video – Brands’ social media posts hugely influence your consumer’s buying decision. If you want to highlight a product or market a specific feature, video is the best bet to reach your audience. A social media post is more convincing than an ad.

Live videos – Live streaming is now a common feature offered by most platforms. You can go live and interact with your audience for better engagement. It is the right format for behind-the-scenes, Q&As, and event content.

Promos and deals – Most of your customers are interested in a deal. You can put out a stimulating video announcing a sale or deal to catch their attention.

User-generated content – User-generated content can look more convincing. You can ask some of your loyal customers to share their content, which you can repost. User-generated content can also create more engagement.

Contests – Holding a contest is a great way to engage with your audience. You can create a video to promote your contest. You can also make a video to announce the winners. Alternatively, you can go live to interact with your audience and announce the winners.

Announcements – If you have major news like expansion, product launch, or an acquisition, you can make a video and let your audience know about it.

Events – You can post your event videos. Make the video more interesting by interviewing select attendees.

Breaking news – People these days use social media to get their daily news fix. Breaking news and participating in trending topics is a great way to engage with your audience. But be careful of newsjacking. You can put out a video if you have a breaking news about your organisation. You can also make a video sharing your views about an important event.

How-to and Tutorials – How-to and tutorial videos are extremely popular these days. You can make these videos to interact and engage with your audience. When done in the right manner, these videos can fetch great results.

Ideas to get you started with video

YouTube’s consumer base is growing at a rapid pace. The reason for this is simple – video consumption is on the rise. If you have just started your video marketing or in case you are not getting the desired results from your present campaigns, then here are ideas to get you started with video:

“Getting to know you” videos

“Getting to know you” videos are the most common beginner YouTube ideas that you can start with.

You can make videos –

Introducing yourself – Introduce yourself – who you are and what do you do. What should your audience expect from you? You can also make a video welcoming people.

Introducing your company – Make a video to tell your audience what you do and introduce them to your business.

Introducing your team – Make a video to let people know who all help your organisation run.

Introducing family and friends – Introduce your family and friends to your audience.

You can also start vlogging – Just like blogging, you can start vlogging, which is a nice way to engage with your audience. Vlogging can be on any topic – educational, entertainment, or personal.

Make an explainer video – You can make an explainer video to introduce your product, service, or company.

Create a tour video – People like to know what goes behind the scene in making a product. You can let your audience take a sneak-peak into your office.

Another popular format on YouTube is “a day in the life” – People on YouTube love to know what you do and how your day pans out. Make “a day in the life” video of your typical day.

Create culture videos – Let people know what culture you follow in your organisation. Make videos that bring out a fun and positive culture of your organisation.

Shoot “behind the scenes” videos – Let people know what goes on behind the scenes in your organisation.

Share facts with your audience – Make a video to let your audience know some facts about yourself.

Draw my life – Narrate your key events and experiences through draw my life videos.

Educational and tutorial videos

DIY video – DIY videos are extremely popular. Show your audience how they can do a particular job without any external assistance.

Tutorial or how-to videos – These are also immensely popular on YouTube. You can upload videos on how-to learn piano, guitar, etc. – the possibilities are many. How-to set up your new phone or how-to look young, etc.

Cooking tutorial videos – These videos are also massively popular on YouTube. Teach people how to cook their favourite dish.

Product tutorial videos – Teach people how to use different products, could be yours, or someone else’s.

Explain a concept – You can make a video explaining a concept. For example, if you are good at maths, you can solve a tricky problem, or if coding is your forte, you can explain a complex coding problem.

Workout videos – When it comes to fitness, many people check out YouTube on how to do a particular exercise. You can make workout videos and post them.

Webinar or presentation – If you conduct webinars or give presentations, you can put them on YouTube so that people can watch it when they have time.

Infographic videos – If you want to share numbers and statistics, you can make infographic videos to engage with your audience.

Whiteboard video – It is an animated video where someone draws on a whiteboard. If you have a complex idea to explain to your viewers, you can make a whiteboard video to engage with your audience.

Q&A videos – If you want to answer frequently asked questions about your product or business, you can put a Q&A video to make things simple and easy for your audience.

Myth-busting videos – If you want to bust some myths, you can put out myth-busting videos to clear the air.

Review videos

Product reviews – Many people go to YouTube to check out product reviews. It is one of the most popular types of content on YouTube. Before making a purchase, many people check out product reviews on YouTube. You can upload your product reviews so that it can help your prospects firm up their decision.

Movie review – You can also share your opinion on a movie that you have recently watched.

Book review – The same is true for a book as well. You can share your opinion on your latest read.

Game review – Just like movie and book, you can share your opinion on the latest game you have tried.

Testimonials – If you have a business, you should post testimonial videos. It should be part of your business strategy because it develops trust among your audience.

Fun video ideas

Comedy or skits – If you can make people laugh, you should make videos and post them on YouTube. Funny videos can go viral quickly.

Music video – If you are into music, you can make videos and upload them on YouTube.

Prank videos – People love prank videos. If you can make prank videos, then you should start putting them out on these platforms. People just love harmless pranks.

Funny and cute baby videos – People love to see funny and cute baby videos. You can make them and post them on YouTube.

Funny animal videos – People also love to watch funny animal videos. Kitten or puppies can go viral on social media if you can make funny videos.

Challenge videos – YouTubers love challenge videos (for example, the Ice Bucket Challenge). Remember not to compromise safety.

Parody video – Give a popular video, song, or movie a spin of your own by making a parody video.

Bloopers – You can put out a funny blooper video on YouTube, which your audience will love to watch.

Lip syncing or singing – YouTubers love these videos. You can try them out to reach out to your audience.

Magic tricks – If you know a few tricks, make a video of them and put it on YouTube. People love to watch magic tricks.

Walkthrough video – Video game walkthrough videos are extremely popular on YouTube. If you are good at some of them, make a video and put it on YouTube.

Speed-run videos – Can you finish a popular game quickly? If yes, you can show off your talent by capturing it in speed-run videos. These are very popular on YouTube.

Highlight reel – If you are good at action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, etc., you can show off your skills proudly. YouTube has active communities for all these sports, and it can help you in more ways than one.

Time-lapse – Time-lapse is a technique of capturing the video frames at a much slower speed. These videos are extremely popular on YouTube.

Fan videos – If you want to share your opinion on what happened at the end of your favourite book or movie, then people love to hear them on YouTube.

Mashups – Mashup videos are immensely popular on YouTube. You can make them and post them on social media. For example, it could be two different songs or a movie clip.

You can also make collection videos – If antique collection is your passion, and you have a huge collection, you can make a video and share it with the world. People love to see collection videos.

Unboxing video – People love to watch unboxing videos. Whether you are opening your new smartphone or unboxing a new toy for your child, YouTubers would love to see it.

Shopping haul – You can make a video of your latest shopping spree and put it on YouTube. It is popular among beauty and fashion vloggers.

What’s in my bag video – If you are a woman, you can make a video of what is there in your bag.

What’s on my phone video – Want to show off your phone apps? Make a video and put it out on YouTube.

You can also make videos listing your favourite books, movies, YouTube videos, songs, albums, games, travelled places, apps, athletes, and teams.

Promo video – If you have a promo video, you should put it on YouTube. It is known to fetch great results (if it is a nicely made video).

Opinion videos – You can share your views and opinion on any subject – politics, celebrity news, current events, etc.

Response video – If you differ with someone’s views, you can put out a response video sharing your views in response to the video.

Reaction video – Want to react to news or event, you can shoot a reaction video and put it out on YouTube.

Event recap – Make a video of the event you are planning to host and put it on YouTube so that those not present during the event can watch it.

Live streaming – You can opt for live streaming to engage with your audience so that nobody misses out on anything.

Video contest – Plan a video contest, and ask your viewers to make videos for you. It is the best way to get user-generated content, and the most engaging way to interact with your viewers.

Video can improve your brand’s visibility on social media. If you are looking for a social media marketing services company that can take charge of your video marketing campaign, you can get in touch with vStacks Infotech now. We are a digital marketing company specialising in social media marketing, and we know what it takes to make your brand more visible on social media.

How to Connect with Your Customer Base?

To do well in the business landscape, it is crucial for marketers to focus on how to connect with their customer base. Marketers need to look for things that can help them connect well with their customers. And one such area they cannot ignore is social media.

Marketers need to know that social media marketing plays a significant role in helping them connect with their customers. Social media marketing not just helps you in branding, but it can also provide a thrust to your SEO efforts.

Social media has opened up a plethora of opportunities to connect with customers. There are many options to captivate your target audience. And one of the best ways to connect with your audience on social media is storytelling.

Storytelling has been around for ages. Storytelling is a powerful way that can help people take note of your brand.  But to get the desired results, brands need to do it the right way.

Let us take you through what is good storytelling, how you should connect by telling your stories, and why it is important to find out what your customers are saying.

What is good storytelling?

Good stories can connect people like a magnet. Authors become popular because they have a knack for storytelling.

However, everyone does not become a bestselling author. It is crucial to know how to narrate a story, especially when you are doing it for branding purposes.

So, what is good storytelling?

A story is a good story if it can connect well with your audience.

The process of presenting facts and narratives through improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment to communicate and convey a specific message to an audience is known as storytelling.

Storytelling cannot happen without a story or narrative. It is a two-way communication process between the storyteller and one or more listeners that captures the listener’s active imagination. Storytelling can happen in different situations, and it may reflect different cultures.

But what is storytelling in the context of social media?

People these days are successfully using social media platforms to tell their or their brand’s story to their audience. For example, when a successful marketer shares his success story on Instagram or Facebook, it is a form of storytelling. Or, when a baker shares his or her recipe in a vlog on YouTube, it is a form of storytelling.

When you use social media platforms to share your brand’s, product’s, or company’s story to captivate your audience, it is known as social media storytelling.

If you think social media storytelling is another way of selling your product or services, you are wrong. Social media storytelling is capable of delivering your messages to your audience. You can tell your audience what your brand or company stands for.

As you might be aware, each story will have specific characteristics like a beginning, middle, and end. Also, each story tends to convey a special message, which could be a moral lesson, a noble thought, or a strong belief about something that you can relate to easily. And, social media storytelling is not any different either.

When you are doing social media storytelling, make sure it is not aimed only to sell something. If it is a story only to sell, it is not going to work because people are smart to differentiate between a story and a promotional message.

One of the best examples of successful storytelling in today’s times is Google’s #StayHomeSaveLives campaign. This is a popular hashtag these days on the current pandemic situation. Google has effectively woven the narrative to show how people across the globe are trying to help healthcare workers. It inspires others to stay home and follow social distancing to check the spread of Coronavirus.

Connect by telling your stories

Storytelling is a nice way of connecting with your customer base. The reason why it is effective is this – it establishes an emotional connection with your audience. The emotional angle is what makes storytelling so effective.

If you can connect by telling your stories, you can easily win over your customers and prospects.

When done in the right manner, effective storytelling can tackle your audience both emotionally as well as rationally. For branding professionals, storytelling serves three main objectives of an organisation – it adds value, creates identity, and generates trust in its audiences. When you do it as a branding exercise, you need to convey your company’s essence – what you stand for, how you think, and how you act and react in a given situation.  After all, your reputation in the market depends on all these things. That is why branding and storytelling go hand in hand.

If you know how to write a good story, it can spread knowledge, stimulate thinking, and create engagement with your audience. A story can convey your organisation’s products, services, culture, and objectives.

Find out what your customers are saying

Emotional marketing is a new buzzword. Consumers these days want to know a brand on a personal level. They are looking for an emotional connection with brands they can trust and rely on. The connection here is known as emotional branding, which can make your customers loyal to your brand.

And storytelling is one such method that can help you to connect with your audience at an emotional level.

But if you want your storytelling to be effective, you need to find out what your customers are saying.

It is vital to know what your customers want and what bothers them. You can use social listening tools to find out what issues are important for them at any given point in time. It is important to gauge their emotions and sentiments. When you know what your audience feels about your brand, industry, and your competitors, it can help you fine-tune your marketing campaigns. For example, when Dove’s customers’ relationships soured due to some goof ups, they launched a social listening campaign Project #ShowUS to listen to what their consumers had to say. They launched their campaign with a full-page ad in The New York Times owning up to its mistake and openly seeking their consumer’s input.

It is vital to connect with your audience directly. Make sure you have direct communication with your audience. People like to give suggestions, and when you explicitly seek their opinion, they feel valued. Ask your customers what they want and how you can solve their problems. You can use social media (launch a survey) to get your consumer’s feedback and assess the data to streamline your operations.

You also need to listen to what your frontline employees have to say. Your frontline employees interact directly with your audience, so it is crucial to take their feedback. Listen to what your customer service employees have to say about the pain points of your audience. Try to overcome the problems to keep your customers satisfied.

After all, it is important to listen to your audience and deliver what they want. It is crucial to have an active social media presence these days because most of your customers are active there.

If you are looking for a social media marketing services company to take charge of your social media campaigns, you can contact vStacks Infotech now. We are a digital marketing company specialising in social media marketing. From social media posts to surveys and storytelling, we can help move your social media activity in the right direction.

What Works Best for You – Email Marketing or SMS Marketing?

Unless you communicate effectively with your audiences, it is tough to do well in the business landscape. Communication can happen in many forms, and one of the most effective methods that have stood the test of time is email marketing. Businesses have used email marketing for decades to convey their messages effectively to their audiences. However, another communication method that gives email marketing a run for its money is SMS marketing.

Yes, SMS marketing is fast emerging as a quick, reliable, and cost-effective way of communicating with your customers, especially for promotions, reminders, and updates.

So, as a marketer, what should you opt for – email marketing, text messages marketing, or both? Let us, therefore, take you through email vs. text – which campaign works best for you – getting your message across – how email and SMS work, why businesses choose one over the other, and why should you choose both.

Getting your message across – how email and SMS work?

Effective communication is the biggest challenge marketers face. As a marketer, if you are unable to reach out to your target audience effectively, then your marketing efforts lack teeth. It is crucial, therefore, to know what works best for your organization – email marketing, text message marketing, or both.

That is why it is essential to know how email and SMS work.

As a marketer, it is vital to understand the importance of getting your message across – how email and SMS work.

With mobile use on the rise, more and more companies are embracing SMS marketing. 77% of consumers consider SMS as a positive form of communication. Also, according to research, SMS marketing has engagement rates 6-8 times higher than email marketing.

Here is how email and SMS marketing work:

Whereas emails have an open rate of 20%, SMSs have an open rate of 98%.

The average email click-through rate is around 2.5%, while that for SMS messages is 29%.

While only 3% of SMS messages are considered spam, almost 50% of emails are categorised as spam. The main reason for the deliverability discrepancy is because SMS marketing requires customers to opt-in for the messages, which means they are all engaged customers who want to listen to you.

On average, an office worker receives around 121 emails every day. Email is one of the most used marketing channels. SMS marketing is an upcoming channel; few companies run their campaign. The low frequency of SMS means you have a better chance of getting the attention of your audience.

When it comes to response rates, there is a lot of difference between the two. While people take a lot of time to respond to an email, they almost instantaneously respond to an SMS.

SMS is an extremely cost-effective way to reach out to your target audience. The cost may vary from provider to provider. For emails, the cost may vary depending on the provider, list size, frequency of emails sent, and other features.

Why businesses choose one over the other?

As an entrepreneur, you need to change your marketing strategies to suit the needs of your customers. As customer preferences change and technology evolves, businesses use various channels to reach their target audience. And, email marketing and SMS marketing are two of the most potent channels that businesses use to effectively communicate with their audiences.

However, why do businesses choose one over the other?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let us try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of email and SMS marketing.

Email marketing advantages

Email marketing is an extremely potent tool. All you need to do is do it the right way.

It improves your brand identity – When you do it correctly, email marketing can fetch you great results. Your email serves as a constant reminder to your customers about your brand. Your email campaigns can significantly improve your brand identity.

It is cost-effective – Again, if you do it the right way, email marketing can be extremely cost-effective. You can keep adding your contacts to your mailing list. With a bit of effort, your mailing list can become as big as you want. It is only when you add sophisticated technology to run your email campaign, do you need to pay for your campaign. However, email marketing gives you a good return on your investment.

You have a lot many testing options available – There are a lot of ways to do A/B testing to check the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. From headlines, links, and images to the content and drip campaign, you can test everything to know whether it will be effective or not.

Email marketing disadvantages

Consumers many a time mark branded messages as spam – There are chances that people mark your messages as spam. And, if that happens, then your email campaigns don’t serve the purpose.

You need a lot of time, effort, and resources to run an email campaign – To run effective email campaigns, you need to have dedicated resources. You need people who can draft emails correctly. You also need experts to write emails that give you leads. It is a time-consuming job, no doubt.

It is difficult to offer a personalised experience – Today’s customers want a personalised and customised experience. But it is difficult to truly personalise an email, which is a drawback to an extent.

SMS marketing advantages

SMS marketing is another powerful tool that has extremely high engagement rates. When used correctly, an SMS campaign can also give you great results.

Consumers prefer SMS messages over phone calls or emails – The majority of the customers these days prefer to receive text messages over a phone call or email.

SMS messages have high open rates – Most of the consumers (98%) tend to open branded text messages.

SMS messages reach customers quickly – Since most of us are on our mobile phones, it reaches the customers instantly.

Saves you time – Drafting an SMS message is not at all time-consuming, you can draft SMS messages quickly. Also, you don’t need experts to write long content. Many can do it on their own.

You can get an instant response – SMS messages can give you instant results. Hence, if you have a restaurant or brick and mortar store, you can expect to get an immediate response from your campaign.

SMS marketing disadvantages

You can’t send long messages – People are not used to reading long text messages. They expect a few sentences at the most. Hence, if you have to send a long text, then you should opt for an email.

You cannot send rich media – As the name suggests, you can only send text messages. You cannot send any rich media like audio or image files.

You need consumers to opt-in to receive your messages – It is not legally and ethically right to send them messages without their prior permission.

SMS marketing can become spammy too – Though you have prior permission to send your consumers messages if you bombard them with promotional offers, it is sure to feel like spam.

If you look only at the disadvantages or advantages of either of the two, you might think of choosing one over the other. But to reach out to your target audience effectively, you need to strike a balance between both of them.

Both email and text messages offer great results.

Why not both?

As a marketer, you need to devise a comprehensive strategy to maximise your communication reach.

So, what should you choose – email or text?

But what is the need to choose one over the other? Why not both?

It is best to use both these channels if you want to reach your target audience effectively.

Yes, your marketing strategy should strike a balance between email and text messaging because both are effective channels.

Let us try to understand when you should opt for an email marketing campaign and when it is best to run an SMS campaign.

Here is when you should use an email marketing campaign:

If your message is not time-sensitive or you need to send an elaborate message, then you should opt for an email marketing campaign. When you opt for an email campaign, you can get creative freedom, you can use images and graphics, and add CTAs (call to action).

You can opt for email marketing when you have to send:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Lengthy educational content
  3. Product announcements – you can add visuals
  4. Information to sell products and services
  5. Technical information
  6. Press releases
  7. Any new update
  8. Emails for survey, feedback, and take advice

If your message requires instantaneous action or it is time-sensitive, then it is best to opt for an SMS marketing campaign.

You can opt for SMS marketing when you have to send:

  • Product offers
  • Discount offers
  • Appointment recaps
  • Personal alerts
  • Urgent updates
  • Purchase confirmations
  • Something important that requires two-way communication

That is why it is crucial to opt for both the channels – email as well as text messages. And, if for any reason, you plan to use just one of them, then it is better to use email marketing. According to Smart Insights, if you follow up on your email with a simple message – have you read your email – it can improve your open rates by 20 to 30%.

When you combine SMS with email marketing, it can significantly improve customer engagement levels. The combination also improves customer retention rates, which you can use to learn more about your customers.

You also need to factor in demographics. Different people in different age groups respond differently to SMS messages. Also, men read SMS messages more frequently as compared to women. The majority of younger people respond to SMS messages, whereas the percentage is less when we look at the older age bracket.

What it means is this – you have to take into account a lot of factors before formulating your marketing strategy. Every industry and demographic behave differently. You need to fully understand your customers to develop your communication strategy.

Hence, if you want to reach out to your customers effectively, make sure you use both email marketing and SMS marketing. But if you have to opt for only one, make sure you choose email marketing.

If you want your email marketing campaign to be effective, you must contact vStacks Infotech now. We are a digital marketing company with plenty of experience in handling email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns for clients in diverse verticals. From market research to email content creation, we can formulate effective strategies that will bring you fruitful results. Also, if your niche requires a combination of email and SMS marketing efforts, we can help you strike a balance between the two. Contact us for an easy, affordable, and comprehensive marketing strategy.