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The opening up of economy in the early 90s has catapulted the Indian automobile business to the center stage on the world map. The country’s automobile industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world and accounts for 7.1% of India’s GDP. India is also a major exporter of automobiles. The Indian auto export is expected to grow at a healthy pace in times to come, making India one of the world leaders in two and four wheeler market by 2020.

With cut throat competition and a variety of options, success is guaranteed only to those who are able to stick to strict production deadlines and have a satisfied customer base.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management or CRM is a technology which allows businesses to streamline, organize and automate their operations to forge a strong and healthy relationship with its customers. It is used to strengthen customer relationship by understanding more about their needs and requirements.

Why automotive CRM?

The manufacturing process in an automobile industry requires integration of several departments. A lot of people in different functions and at various levels are involved in the production of the end product. Also, sales and marketing team needs to be in the loop so that they are able to handle customers proficiently. Moreover, efficient customer service is the key to create, develop and maintain a loyal customer base in the automotive sector. Hence, an automotive CRM is imperative for an organization to attain the envisioned growth. It brings manufacturers, dealers and their customers on the same page eliminating chances of miscommunication. All the interactions, updates and agreements are visible to all the professionals involved, therefore an opportunity is never lost.

Managing resources effectively and saving money is one of the important criterions for organizations in the automotive sector. Businesses, all over the world and across sectors are shifting to Cloud based solutions. It provides a complete overview of your organization at affordable prices. As the data is stored in the Cloud, no external storage device is required, reducing your on-site expenses. Also, reliable Cloud servers ensure that your data gets unparalleled security, while you get accessibility on the go.

Advantages of CRM in the automobile industry

The ability to incorporate various business processes within the organization, the capacity to effectively tackle dealer issues and the finesse of handling customers effectually, makes CRM an absolute necessity for the automobile industry. Some of the major benefits of adopting automotive CRM in your organization are as under:

Increase productivity and fix accountability

Automotive CRM makes your workforce more accountable since all the data, communication and reports can effectively be monitored. Also, with a CRM strategy in place you are able to adhere to a firm production schedule that increases productivity of your organization.

Never miss an opportunity

Since all the data and communication is centralized and is in one place, chances of miscommunication and misappropriation gets eliminated.

It not only effectively manages your existing clientele, a CRM solution is also helpful in bringing new customers into the company’s fold.

Let sales and marketing teams complement each other

Automotive CRM allows sales and marketing teams to co-exist in one user-friendly place, ensuring all round participation without slip-ups.

No hardware or software glitches.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

A CRM system allows you to forge strong and meaningful relationship with all your customers. Provide personalized care to each customer as no data is lost. Features like inventory and ticket modules help provide utmost customer service and satisfaction and enhances relations with the suppliers.

CRM mobile app

This helps the busy on the go automotive professional to stay connected with his/her customer. It improves the service standard and further augments positive customer experience.

Customizable CRM services Delhi NCR

A CRM system without proper vendor support will not allow your automotive company to function properly. Hence, if you are in the automobile industry and are looking for customizable CRM services Delhi NCR, it is time for you to get in touch with eZnetCRM.

Increase productivity of your organization, make your employees more efficient and accountable and provide quality service to your customers with eZnetCRM.

Also, with an automotive CRM like eZnetCRM, you can manage your sales process, forecast profitable ventures, strategize your future marketing campaigns and above all reduce cost to climb the growth ladder faster.

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