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Accessible services for all its citizens is the hallmark of a truly successful government. A government has to constantly work towards the progress of its people and provide efficient services to each one of its citizen. Programs, schemes and projects are designed for masses, which needs to be executed in a time bound, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Also, government and public sector setups are huge entities with massive operational intricacies that require proper coordination and up to date communication. CRM for government and public sector is the best available tool that can achieve all of this and more.

What is CRM?

Citizen/customer relationship management or CRM is a technology which allows governments and public sector entities to streamline, organize and automate their operations to forge a strong and healthy relationship with its citizens. It is used to deliver quick and accurate response to citizen queries ranging from general information to policies and procedures to practices.

Government CRM solutions or CRM for the public sector aims to strengthen citizen relationship by understanding more about their needs and requirements.

Why government and public sector CRM?

CRM has not just revolutionized the private sector enterprises it can also prove to be a very beneficial tool for the public sector organizations. As people’s expectation increase, the elected representatives, bureaucrats and government agencies, who are duty bound need to devise strategies to improve citizen experience.

The execution and implementation of policies and infrastructure projects of government and public sector organization require integration of several departments. A lot of people in different functions and at various levels are involved in the process of decision making. Government CRM solutions or CRM for the public sector allow agencies to manage their daily operations and communications in one place, improving overall efficiency of the organization. It also assimilates scattered information and enhances accessibility for real time community issues.

Managing resources effectively is one of the most important criterions for organizations in the government sector. Cloud based government CRM solutions and/or CRM for public sector is ideal to provide cost-effective method of delivering information to the public. With reliable Cloud servers, protection of data which is paramount to the government gets unmatched security. Also, as the data is stored in the Cloud, no external storage device is required, which further helps in keeping the cost under check. Moreover, on the go accessibility ensures prompt deliverance of services.

Benefits of government and public sector CRM

Government CRM solutions and/or CRM for the public sector when effectively implemented results in increased citizen satisfaction due to faster access to services. Some of the major advantages of government and public sector citizen/customer relationship management are:

  • Simplifies the communication process

    Government CRM solutions and/or CRM for the public sector improves, both the internal as well as the external communication processes of the organization. It records and monitors all the internal communication for future references.

  • Improves daily operations

    A CRM system helps improve the daily operations of the organization, which means better and improved quality of services for the citizens.

  • Unmatched security

    Government data requires foolproof security. Since the information is stored in the Cloud, you are able to access the organizational info from anywhere and at all the times without the fear of data theft. Your data, apart from being secure is always backed up providing complete security to the information.

  • Accurate analytical reporting

    One of the most important aspect for government and public sector organizations is to keep a tab on the bidding processes. Government CRM solutions and CRM for the public sector enable officials to evaluate profits and losses of numerous contractual bids. Also, the detailed report which is generated with the recorded data and trends help them to plan all future marketing campaigns and decreases associated risks.

  • Customizable dashboard

    Allows to plan, execute and monitor different types of marketing campaigns, all from one location improving the efficiency of the organization. Also, helps in scheduling of appointments, meetings and tasks which are status bound. Real time reporting and information of activities and campaigns helps in smooth implementation of programs.

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