Our Top Most Services CRM for Media

The media companies, traditional as well as the new age or digital, are in a state of flux as they try to keep up with the industry challenges. With both vying for, more or less the same customers, organizations having greater viewership or clientele take the bigger chunk of the cake, which comes in the form of advertising revenue.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management or CRM is the process of improving customer relationship by understanding their needs better. CRM software solutions in the media industry helps to enhance customer satisfaction, it brings down the costs and boosts company performance.

Why CRM in Media Industry?

Digital revolution has ensured that the media organizations devise and find strategies to entice and engage with customers on all the fronts. Media companies are achieving this by exploiting new age technologies such as Cloud, mobile, social and analytics in order to remain relevant and attain growth. A multi-pronged approach is required to assimilate various aspects within and outside the organization to deliver quality content to the customers and therefore acquiring Cloud based media CRM software solutions becomes an absolute necessity.

Why Social CRM software?

Customers these days are increasingly becoming vocal and social media is the place to watch out for. Views generated on the social media need to be respected and tracked as survival without a social CRM software can impede the growth of media organizations. Social media as a platform consists of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram and companies not paying heed to it suffer big time. Social media is a two way traffic where both the customer as well as the organization get the opportunity to voice their opinions. Tapping it effectively allows better understanding of customer needs, helps you identify consumer trends and observe their movements.

Benefits of Media CRM software solutions

Better data supervision and management

Media CRM software solutions allow convergence of company’s data for better supervision. It helps improve your day-to-day operation and avoids loss of data. Cloud servers makes the use of media CRM safe and easy.

Cloud based media CRM system not just collaborates and organizes all the customer information for efficient viewer/reader management, it also automates processes and streamlines inter-departmental functioning, thus justifying company’s investment in a CRM software.

Manage opportunities and pipelines effectively- It is all about meticulously managing your clients, both current as well as prospective.

Display multi-media specialties through numerous outlets, simultaneously.


Fix responsibility of each employee in the organization to create accountability with the help of a media CRM system. Also, make your team members accountable for every move in the operational process.

Customized dashboard

Improve your operations by accessing all the information / data through a personalized dashboard.

Business growth

Make your organization top of the mind recall of your target market. Consumer data gathering and analysis of media CRM solutions improve sales and marketing functions.

Social media integration- Incorporate modern relationship management system with your traditional outreach methods to reduce digital inconsistencies and reach multiple media outlets.

Centralized access

Get everything your media company requires to maximize returns and develop strong customer relationships.

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