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Learning management system or LMS has changed the learning and training landscape and made the process more interesting, manageable and accountable. eLearning market in India is growing at a rapid pace and learning management system or LMS is an integral part in its developmental journey. But, the question that might trouble you is why you need a learning management system software Delhi in the first place? And, what is it that your organisation stands to gain if you get a learning management system software Delhi?

Training your employees, customers and business partners is essential for the growth and development of several organisations. In the past developing course material and delivering it to a large captive audience used to be a tedious as well as a costly exercise. But, due to the technological advancements and the advent of eLearning, things have become much easier now.

And, thanks to the technological marvel called eZnet LMS – a software offering from the stable of vStacks Infotech, organisations big and small are reaping the benefits of eLearning across sectors in not just Delhi & NCR, but throughout India.

eZnet LMS is a cloud based application which manages your entire workforce through an all-inclusive solution.

What is LMS?

Learning Management System or LMS is a platform used to plan, monitor, track and implement the learning content. LMS is a centralized system which is used by companies to provide training programs to its workforce. It is a software that is used by businesses of all sizes for effective delivery of training and/ or learning programs.

LMS is an enterprise wide application which improves the flow of information to the managers making their task much easier.

Why does your organisation need an LMS software like eZnet LMS?

There is a necessity for many organisations like consulting firms, outsourcing companies, pharmaceutical and biotech businesses, etc. to train their workforce and keep them current on the developmental activities on a regular basis. In order to impart standard training to all its employees these companies embrace eLearning and adopt a Learning management system software such as eZnet LMS.

Apart from delivering uniform training, there are several other benefits of successfully adopting eZnet LMS. And, when you join hands with vStacks Infotech, we ensure that all the benefits are maximised.

It can reduce your L&D cost significantly

The learning and development cost for training employees, business partners and customers is huge if you do not have an LMS software. You can avoid in totality the travel costs of your instructor, rentals of training locations and printing of eLearning material if you start using eZnet LMS. Your entire training program is available online, including the instructor, who takes control of things sitting in one place. Needless to say, your save on a lot of money.

It organises all your eLearning content in one space

Without an LMS you have to store all your training content on spreadsheets in various devices and/ or on hard drives, but with eZnet LMS you can keep all your eLearning content in one space. Also, eZnet LMS being a cloud powered LMS, all your data always remains safe. This also enables (due to cloud) your team members to access information from anywhere and from any device, provided they have the authority.

It conveniently tracks trainees/ learners performance and progress

When you use eZnet LMS you can keep a track on the performance of your trainees in a much more organised and convenient way. You can also make sure that your employees meet their performance yardsticks. You know where your employees stand, who needs the push and when.

Keeps you and your employee’s current on compliance regulations

If your organisation is among those where compliance norms need to be updated on a regular basis, you just cannot do without eZnet LMS. It would not take you much time to update new compliance regulations to your online training program, it is just a matter of few minutes. And, as each employee logs into the same system, everybody becomes aware of the compliance norms and policy issues ensuring that uniformity is maintained among your workforce.

It reduces your L&D time as well

With eZnet LMS you get the information that you are looking for, you do not have to waste your time. It organises training content so that you can directly click on the info you need.

At vStacks Infotech we ensure that your learning and training needs are met properly and that there is no compromise on any of them.