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LMS or learning management system, which is an integral part of the eLearning model has transformed the training and development sector. It has made things much simpler for organisations as it increases learner engagement and creates a level playing field. Imparting quality training to your workforce is no longer an issue if you are using the correct LMS. But, picking up the right tool (read LMS provider) for your organisation is a complex task. There are many LMS providers in the market, and selecting the right one is not a cake walk. You have to constantly rely on the LMS service provider for technical support, training and advice. As all LMS providers are not equal, you need to carefully decide on whom to pick.

Hiring an LMS provider is a long term relationship, and you need to pick up the best because a lot depends on the kind of service you get. That is why we at vStacks Infotech lay so much emphasis on customer service. Customers using our product eZnetLMS are ready to vouch for the services we offer. No wonder then that eZnetLMS has been widely accepted by organisations across India. With over two decades of experience in the software industry, we at vStacks Infotech are capable enough of providing constant technical support, quality training and expert advice to all our customers.

eZnetLMS is a cloud based application, which is an all-inclusive solution that can manage your entire workforce pretty efficiently.

This is what an LMS software can do for your organisation

A learning management system is a tool that is used to deliver training programs and/ or educational courses to a captive audience. It is a software programme that creates, organises, manages, delivers and tracks eLearning courses.

What you should look for in an LMS provider

There are various ways to check whether an LMS service provider is up to the mark or not. To start with, you can speak to the customers who are already using the software. You should also do a little bit of research on the internet to find out more about the LMS provider. You can also speak to your friends and colleagues about the features, functionality and customisation of an LMS software.

So, what is it that you as a customer should look for when selecting an LMS provider?

An LMS provider should offer expert technical support

This is extremely important for successful and smooth implementation of an LMS software. If you do not get timely and expert technical support, then it is a problem. At vStacks Infotech we offer regular, timely and continuous expert technical support to all our clients so that the issues are immediately resolved. We encourage our customers to speak to are current clients so that we start on a note of trust.

An LMS provider should offer timely customer service as well

Is their customer service department responsive? It is imperative that the customer service department of the LMS provider responds quickly to all your requests. You should speak to at least two of their present customers to find out how quickly they respond and how effectively they resolve the issues. At vStacks Infotech we understand the importance of resolving the issues in quick time and our present customers can vouch for our claims. Only satisfied customers would recommend the name of their service providers, and we are confident of the services we provide.

The LMS provider should be able to offer features you need and customise them as per your requirements

You should of course know the features and functionalities that you require as an organisation. Another important thing that you need to consider is the amount of customisation an LMS provider is ready to offer. We at vStacks Infotech make sure that we offer all the features that is relevant to your organisation, and we can also customise the LMS as per your requirement.

The LMS provider should be successful, stable and reliable

As mentioned above, hiring an LMS provider is a long term relationship. Hence, you should look for an LMS provider who has sufficient experience in the market, is reliable and should have stable operations. With over two decades of existence in the market, vStacks Infotech is a successful LMS provider that has sufficient reliability and stability. With 99.9% of uptime guarantee and downtime that is almost insignificant you can rely on vStacks Infotech for smooth operations.

The LMS provider should offer adequate security

Training content always contain sensitive company information, which needs to be protected at all costs. At vStacks Infotech we understand what data breaches can do an organisation, and that is the reason why we keep your company information safe and secure.

Look for an LMS provider that has sufficient credibility and stability in the market. If LMS provider is what you are looking at, just get in touch with vStacks Infotech for our eZnetLMS offering.