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The eLearning market in India is second only to the U.S. and the gap is closing up fast.

Thanks to the internet, eLearning has changed the way we learn and train. No wonder then that the process of learning has now become easy, accessible and inclusive. And, learning management system or LMS is central to the eLearning development process, more so when you have a huge audience and a massive amount of content to deliver. But, when it comes to selecting an LMS software in Noida, you need to exercise caution. Though there are many organisations of LMS software in Noida, yet choosing the right one requires a lot of deliberation.

At vStacks Infotech we do not just ask you to use eZnet LMS, we give you reasons why you should consider using our software offering. Based out of Noida, we have over two decades of experience in developing various software products and providing support services to our clients. Our growing list of satisfied customers speak for the work ethics we follow.

eZnet LMS is a cloud based application which manages your entire workforce through an all-inclusive solution.

But, let us first understand what LMS is?

Learning management system or LMS is a tool used by businesses both big and small, across all sectors and in equal measure for effective delivery of learning and/ or training curricula. It not just delivers scholastic courses and/ or training programs to a large audience, it also tracks, monitors and reports the performance of each student/ trainee in the group.
LMS is an enterprise wide application which enhances the flow of information to the managers making their task easier.

And, these are the reasons why you should consider using vStacks Infotech’s eZnet LMS offering:

Unmatched functionality – 53% of LMS buyers base their decision on functionality that the software can offer. There are various LMS features that are on offer these days, but the first step towards evaluating an LMS software is to assess your needs. What is it that would benefit your organisation the most? Make a list of must have features which you want your LMS software to possess so that your return on investment is good.
From being mobile friendly and content reusability to Center, course, classroom and employee management and more – eZnet LMS is a feature rich learning management software that scores high on functionality.

Most competitive prices on offer –After functionality, it is the price (a significant 32% of buyers) of the LMS software that influences the decision making when it comes to purchasing an LMS system. With eZnet LMS you can rest assure that pricing would never be an issue, as the prices we offer are the most competitive in the industry. And, eZnet LMS being a cloud powered application, you do not have to shell out a lot of money upfront.

24X7 technical Support – Another important factor on which LMSs should be evaluated is the level of support the vendor is likely to provide. In fact, 5% of LMS buyers base their decision on technical support on offer. eZnet LMS provides 24X7 and round the year technical support to all its customers.

Experience and expertise – This is also an important consideration. And, with over two decades of experience in software development, vStacks Infotech has acquired the technical know-how by hiring the most talented minds in the industry. The growing list of our satisfied customers is testimony to the expertise we offer.

Scalability – People/ companies start small and expand their operations when they exhaust the existing resources. To move up the ladder you need to expand your resources. It is therefore important that before evaluating the LMS you check on its scalability option. At vStacks Infotech we know what scalability means to businesses, hence you never have a problem in scaling up your operations.

We know what your business means to you and that is why we are always there by your side whenever you need any technical help. If you are looking for an LMS software in Noida, it has to be eZnet LMS.

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