Five Tips To Make Your E-commerce Business Successful


According to Statista, Indian mobile phone internet user penetration is expected to reach 37.36 percent of its total population in 2021.

With the growing digitisation, expanding mobile smartphone market and ever increasing middle class aspiration, India is one of the most promising ecommerce markets worldwide. If you are planning to be part of this internet revolution and want to start your online store you are at the right place, read on.

It is right that there is a lot of scope in an ecommerce business, but not everyone is making big money. Why?

There is tremendous amount of competition in the ecommerce industry. Everyone it seems wants to make it big like Flipkart, Snapdeal or Myntra. Sure, you can emulate them, but you need to have a strategy in place, work hard and most importantly understand what is right for your ecommerce business.

5 tips to make your ecommerce business a success

To make a mark in the ecommerce industry that is poised to touch 5.092 trillion rupees in 2020 (estimated ecommerce retail sales according to eMarketer), you need to follow some ground rules. Here are 5 tips that can make your business a roaring success:

1. It pays to invest in web design

Perception plays a crucial role in the virtual world. A positive opinion can result in a conversion, while a negative view would lead to clients abandoning your site. A professionally designed website reassures the client, while a slapdash design raises suspicion. There are too many frauds happening on the internet every day. Your site needs to look genuine and appear convincing. After all, the person who is spending his or her hard earned money to purchase merchandise from your site needs some reassurance upfront.

This is where a website high on quality wins the race. Hence, the reason why you need professionals to work on your website.

2. Strategize before the launch

A well thought out strategy before the launch can take your ecommerce business to greater heights. On the contrary, an ill-planned launch can take the steam out of your business.

To start with, think if your business can have a niche of its own. Decide on your marketing plans in advance. Also, firm up your SEO and social media tactic appropriately.

3. Hunt for your customers

There are many ecommerce businesses on internet, some are thriving, while others are struggling to cope. If you want your online store to do roaring business then you have to work hard to achieve it. It is your responsibility to bring customers to your site.

Find out where you will get your target audience. You need to figure out what works for you – social media, PPC advertising or link building. To make your ecommerce business successful driving customers to your site is the only alternative.

4. Have fast web page load speed

This one can kill your sales. Nothing is more frustrating than slow web page load speed. Customers these days do not have the patience to click and wait endlessly for the product page to load. If it takes a lot of time then customers most often than not abandon your site and try another site. And, customers abandoning a site is the worst that can happen to your ecommerce business because studies show that most of them never come back.

It has been conclusively proven that even a one second lag in page load speed can cost an ecommerce major millions of rupees.

5. Let your customers vouch for your site

A satisfied customer is an asset for your business, make them your brand ambassadors. Add a page of reviews and testimonials on your site. Nothing can be more credible than customers themselves vouching for the veracity of your products or services. This is a sure shot way of increasing your sales.

6. Make sure your checkout process is fast

Complicated and slow checkout processes are a big irritant with customers. Always ensure that your checkout process is fast, simple and easy. The easier the checkout process greater would be the sale generation. Create several payment options for your customers, save their billing details and eliminate account creation to make the checkout process smooth and simple.

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