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Four Ways A CRM Can Help Your Sales Team Achieve Their Targets


53 per cent of top performing organisations adopt a CRM to improve their sales productivity – Brainshark’s Anne Lambert and Forbes Insights

The customer relationship management market in India is on a clear northwardly trip and is expected to sustain the double digit growth figure in the years to come.

As per Forrester Research, this age is the “age of customers”. Today’s customer is more informed, aware and impatient. You really have to work hard and keep up to their expectations if you want to retain them. Then, how do you do justice to your customers. The only tried and tested formula to increase customer satisfaction is to use a CRM system. And, one of the main reason for companies embracing a CRM is to provide their sales team the much needed thrust.

Be it a product or service, sales as we know is the backbone of almost all the organisations. A CRM system helps the sales team to better organise themselves to further add value to their customers. So, how does a CRM system help your sales team save time and perform better? Here are 4 ways that a CRM helps:

4 ways a CRM can help your sales team

1. It pays to understand the need of your customers

It always pays handsomely when you understand the needs of your customers. When there are hundreds of customers to manage, understanding everyone’s need before you call them up is a tough ask. How much time do you spend on digging out information before making a call to your client? Sifting through each email and message anyways would take up a lot of your time. This is where your CRM system would help you.

Instead of wasting hours, you can get the relevant information in a few minutes if you go through a CRM system. Your CRM is the powerhouse of all your customer’s information. Stored in one single location and available for each member of your team, you can get all the details you are looking for. From their preferences to their purchase history, a CRM software throws up each and every detail. You get to see all the present and past interactions that anybody has had with the customer from the company.

This allows you to provide personalised service to your customer and that is what clients these days look for.

2. Stay up-to-date and connected

CRM features like email integration, shared calendars and document templates keeps everyone in your team connected and informed. You also get to see which selling patterns work best for your line of product or service. It also improves communication between your sales team and the management.

3. Save time

As all the customer data is stored in one place you don’t need to waste time when searching for client information. You don’t have to go through all your email for one single data. Moreover, utility of cloud based CRM gives your sales team the access of client communication, sales analytics, task management and forecasts from anywhere and at any time. This gives them more time to concentrate on their primary task of selling. The misconception of sales people that they would have to spend more time on entering data into the CRM system is a misplaced notion.

4. Improves efficiency and productivity of your sales team

Working hard is good, but doing it smartly is certainly better. Business cards, notepads and spreadsheets are bygones. A CRM system provides a 360-degree view of all your clients, every single bit of information is available in one place. No more hunting for leads. You don’t have to waste time on generating good leads. You get more quality time to concentrate on your sales call. It helps achieve your target much faster.

A CRM system assists your sales team to optimize their day-to-day schedule and set the right priorities. You are able to contact your prospects on time and none of the client is ignored. This increases your efficiency and productivity.

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