LMS Services In India

These are troubled times for individuals and businesses all over the world. As we stay home to battle the coronavirus pandemic, businesses need to find effective ways to keep their employees engaged and productive. And, if you are in the learning and development landscape, you can do a lot of things to keep your employees productive and engaged. Thanks to cloud-based services, you can keep in touch with your employees and let them take up training courses from the cool confines of their homes. Yes, with cloud-based LMS services, you can do what you would have otherwise done in your office. However, you need a reliable LMS services company to make things work for your L&D team.

But with so many LMS vendors out there in the market, how do you select the best for your organization.

As the leading LMS vendor in Noida, India, we think it is the right time to make a few suggestions to help you choose the best LMS services company for your organization. Let us, therefore, take you through how you need to evaluate an LMS vendor so that you get the best for your business. However, before we get down to evaluation, let us try to briefly understand what is an LMS and what it can do for your organization.

What is an LMS?

An LMS is a set of software applications that allows L&D professionals to manage, teach, and learn online. With an LMS in place, you can organize, assess, implement, and track a specific learning path. An LMS not just helps you to deliver content, but it also allows you to monitor employee participation and assess their performance.

With an LMS, you can deliver training programs and educational courses to your captive audience with ease. It allows you to create, manage, organize, assess, and track eLearning courses.

Why do you need an LMS?

Employee training is crucial for the growth and development of every organization. Employees these days are extremely serious about their professional development. It is difficult to attract and retain smart talent without looking after the training needs of your employees.

With compliance, regulation, and record-keeping becoming the norm in most of the economies, it is not surprising that businesses are turning to LMSs and

eLearning to save money and ensure accurate record-keeping. Here is what an LMS can do for your organization:

  1. An LMS not just records the training program your employee has undertaken, but it also helps you assess their performance. That is how it helps you meet your compliance needs. An LMS can record both your eLearning and traditional training programs.
  2. An LMS not just tells you your employee’s training schedule, but it also lets you know when you need to train them again. It helps you to keep your employees up to date on the compliance front.
  3. Since an LMS can record and report who all took the training and how they fared, it helps you in audit purposes in case you want to apply for ISO certification.
  4. With on-demand training, your employees can take up the training from the place and time of their choosing.
  5. Since the course is available online, your learners can revisit the content as and when they want to refresh their knowledge.
  6. Your employees can access the content on the device of their choice, be it a smartphone or a laptop.

With all your compliance and regulatory requirements fulfilled, here is how an LMS can benefit your organization:

  1. An LMS helps improve your employee’s performance.
  2. An LMS helps you save a lot of time, and hence money.
  3. An LMS brings consistency to your training (even if you have multiple locations, you can deliver the same training content to everyone). Everyone remains on the same page.
  4. With an LMS in place, no one in your organization misses training.
  5. An LMS can align training to your organization’s needs.

How to evaluate an LMS service provider?

If you want a seamless learning experience for your employees, you need to make sure that you select the best LMS service provider. But before you invest in an LMS, make sure you schedule a free trial. A free trial is essential to get the best LMS for your business. However, before scheduling a free trial, it is vital to know how to evaluate an LMS service provider. Here is what you should focus on:

  1. Check out the features and functionalities you need – To get the most out of your LMS system, it is vital to know the features and functionalities you need. And, if the LMS is not offering you the required features and functionalities, then there is no point moving forward. Hence, ensure that you get all the features and functionalities you need.
  2. Make sure that the LMS has an easy to use interface – There is no point in buying something which your employees cannot use with ease. If the LMS is difficult to use, your employees will run away from the system, defeating its purpose altogether. Always select an LMS that offers a friendly user interface.
  3. Ensure that the LMS you buy is customizable – Customisation is an important thing to consider. If the LMS service provider is unable to customize the solution to suit your needs, then there is no point in moving ahead. Can you modify the color schemes, fonts, and designs? Does it allow you to incorporate branding elements? Can you customize the dashboards? These are important questions that you need answers to before you invest in the LMS.
  4. Always look for a scalable solution – As an organization, your needs are sure to grow in the times to come. Hence, it is vital to factor in scalability before you finally invest in an LMS. After all, it is not easy to keep changing your LMS in every two years.
  5. Don’t overlook support services – For a seamless learning experience, you would want your LMS to run without any glitches. But on occasions, you might encounter technical glitches. This is where you need customer support. If the service provider is unable to offer excellent customer service, it can become difficult to get the most out of your LMS. Hence, ensure that the service provider is ready to offer proactive customer support on all the fronts.
  6. The LMS you select should offer robust security – With data breaches on the rise, you need to do everything you can to protect your company information. That is why your LMS should have robust security features. The LMS you select should have robust privacy controls and password settings.
  7. Pricing is also a factor to consider – Though pricing is important for every organization, it should not be a limiting factor. Generally, cloud-based LMS services companies charge on a pay-as-you-go basis. You only need to pay for what you use.
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