Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Your Explainer Video To Succeed


Effective communication is the backbone of every marketing strategy. And, one of the ways to make your communication effective is to opt for an explainer video. Yes, making an explainer video is no doubt a good idea, and it helps you to reach out to your target audience easily. Visual memory, we all know has a greater impact than plain written text. It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. An explainer video (or picture) has greater ability to captivate your audience, and it also generates a better user experience.

Explainer videos can improve your conversions, sales, and hence your overall revenues. It is not surprising therefore that businesses these days are increasingly adding explainer videos to their websites. Hence, if you don’t add an explainer video to your scheme of things, your marketing mix remains incomplete.

81% of the companies use video as a marketing tool these days.

78% of people view at least one video every week on YouTube.

More than 90% of B2B consumers view online video.

34% of online shoppers are likely to buy a product or service after watching a video advertisement.

However, making an explainer video is not all that simple. It is a challenging task because you have to sum up your message in one, one and a half, or maybe two minutes. Businesses at times find it difficult to effectively convey their message in such a short span of time. They make some common mistakes while creating an explainer video.

In case you want to avoid common mistakes that businesses usually commit during the making of an explainer video, then you are at the right place. Let us find out what you need to do to avoid these common mistakes.

How does an explainer video fit into your marketing strategy?

When you take a closer look at a customer’s journey before they finally purchase the product or service, the explainer video fits into the “consideration “slot.

By the time a customer crosses the awareness stage, he or she is aware of the problem and the solution that will solve his or her problem. At this stage, the prospect expands his or her research that will solve the problem. It is here that an explainer video makes the difference as it summarises the problem, explains the solution, and introduces the brand to the prospect.

When the prospect reaches the decision-making stage, it is your explainer video that helps him or her to make the purchase.

Avoid these mistakes if you want to make your explainer video successful

In case you want to reap the benefits of an explainer video, you need to make sure that you avoid these common mistakes which businesses tend to make quite often:

Never forget your target audience – It is important to address your target audience. Every brand is developed keeping in mind a particular set of people. It is not possible to convince everyone with a single explainer video. You need to understand that you have to convince your target audience. Your message should be specifically directed to your target audience.

You can use characters that look and behave like your target audience. Create a situation that your target audience can connect to easily. You should try and use words that you think your target audience would be using more often. And, don’t forget to put across your message clearly.

Not paying adequate attention to the script – The script is the mainstay of your video, and hence you cannot ignore it. Your video message cannot be effective unless you have a good script to back it up. When you have an effective script, it makes sure that your message is clear and to the point and yet it informs your prospects about your brand.

You should start with the problems your prospective customers are facing, and then offer them a pragmatic solution. And, in between tell your prospects how you can help them solve their problem. Before leaving your customers, ask them to act – promote a call to action here.

Do not make a long video – Long videos tend to annoy and bore people. No one has time to watch long videos. You need to ensure that your explainer video is to the point and not too long. Ideally, you should try to convey your message in one and a half minutes. See to it that your explainer video should not be longer than two minutes. Also, you need to ensure that there should not be more than 150 words per minute. The best strategy of making an explainer video is to keep it simple, short, and crisp.

Do not keep talking about the features only – People, in general, are not all that keen to hear about what went into making the product or the difficulties you faced during the testing stage. What people want to know is whether the product or service is good enough to make their lives better or not. You should not just keep talking about the technical aspects of your product. Instead, focus on telling your customers how it will solve their problems because that is what they are interested to know. What you need to do is connect with your customers on an emotional level. Also, you should make sure that you address the concerns of your customers in the explainer video.

Not distributing your video on the right platforms – Making a good explainer video is important, but it is equally important to distribute your video on the right platforms. Just uploading your video on YouTube will not give you the best results. You need to make sure that you upload your video on all the right forums so that you get a good response. Do the following to get the best possible result:

  • You should make sure that you use the video in your advertising (this has the highest click through rate).
  • You also need to link the video to your blogs. Linking improves the quality of your content, and it also helps you climb the search engine ladder.
  • You should also post your video on social media platforms. People love sharing videos they like.
  • Add the explainer video to your email marketing campaign. It increases the click through rate.
  • Also, add the video to your landing page. It impresses your audience boosts your conversions and sales.

Make sure that the quality of your video is good – You should never compromise on the quality of your video. Quality of the video should always be good. High-quality content is the need of the hour, and this is the only way you can impress your customers. When you set out to make an explainer video, don’t look for shortcuts. Do not squeeze the budget of your video. Advertising should always be considered as an investment.

An effective explainer video increases brand awareness, generates more leads, improves your visibility, and boosts trustworthiness. However, when you compromise on the quality of your video, you should not expect it to fetch the same result.

The explainer video should have a clear sound, professional voice over and tone, flawless editing, and stimulating animation. More often than not, to get all of these, you need to hire a professional video making company.

You should not sound boring or serious – People don’t like videos that are boring or serious. What sells in the market today is entertainment. Your job gets half done if you make an explainer video that is entertaining. You can add a joke or punchline that you think will be well received by your audience. Try to do something different or new for your product and add a surprise element if you can.

But, the best way to get an explainer video for your business is to hire a professional video making company. You can contact vStacks Infotech and get a top-quality explainer video for your business.

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