Six Criterions For Selecting The Best ERP Software Services In Delhi NCR


ERP or enterprise resource planning has changed the way businesses conduct themselves these days. It allows organizations to manage their given resources in an effective and efficient way to maximize profits.

What is an ERP software?

Enterprise resource planning is a set of applications which help organizations manage their businesses systematically. It automates several back office processes like services, technology and human resources improving the efficiency of your organization. It integrates all the operational activities within an organization including inventory planning, manufacturing, product planning, distribution, sales and marketing, human resources, accounting and finance.

An ERP software provides real time data of your organization allowing you to base your decision making on actual facts and figures rather than the rule of thumb or gut feel.

Types of ERP

Broadly there are two categories of ERP, on premise and cloud based ERP. When hardware is installed in your premises manually it is referred to as on premise ERP, while cloud ERP is based online and is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

How to select the best ERP software services in Delhi NCR

Planning to purchase an ERP system for your organization but, confused of the choices that flood the market. Procuring an ERP software is not an easy decision to make, it could become a daunting task for those who have to buy and then get it implemented. To select the best ERP software services in Delhi NCR, here are the top criterions which you should follow when contemplating the purchase.

Like in any other business, ERP software services providers would also swear by their product. And, why shouldn’t they? After all it is their business and they are there to make profits.

6 criterions you should follow when selecting the best ERP software services in Delhi NCR

1. Define your organizations objectives and goals

You first and foremost need to assess your goals, why do you need an ERP software. Or, if you are a second time buyer, what are the reasons that you want to change to a new ERP software. Also, are you looking for an ERP system to increase efficiency of your organization? Or, do you want to increase your profits with the given resources that you have. Or, do you want to speed up the launch of your product so that you can corner additional market share.

2. Find out the actual cost of an ERP solution

A detailed cost benefit analysis is a must before the final purchase is done. Evaluate, see and compare the features on offer vis-à-vis the price. Find out how much you have to pay upfront, or how much you have to pay on a recurrent basis. You also have to factor in the cost of upgrades and maintenance charges. Do also try to figure out whether there are any hidden costs that you are unable to fathom. Also, consider the total cost of ownership including, software hardware and vendor support. Finally, calculate the ROI, after all it is all about maximizing your profits.

3. Functionality requirement of ERP software

Always consider an industry specific ERP system with features that suit your business needs. Your organization’s specific requirement would decide the features you are looking for in an ERP system. Try to figure out day-to-day functions and how the ERP system would help your organization.

4. Technology and scalability of ERP solution

It is also important to know whether the ERP system would be customizable to your business needs, it should suit your specific business processes. Also, the ERP solution ought to be technically compatible to your organization. The solution should be scalable to the growing needs of your organization, both in terms of users as well as data.

5. Factor in mobile users

With the concept of mobility and BYOD on the rise across industries, your ERP solution should be accessible on smartphones and tablets. Ensure that your employees remain productive on the go.

6. Involve upper management and consider change management

Getting complete support from the upper management is an important point which should be worked upon in case your organization is planning to buy an ERP software. Equally significant is your team’s backing. Adopting an ERP system means a lot of change for the functioning of your organization and it cannot be successful unless the team is up for it.

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