Seven convincing Reasons Why You Need ERP Software Solutions


If you are in the know of what and how ERP software solutions can help your organization you must be using one by now. But, several companies still think that an ERP software is beneficial only for big guns. As much as it helps bigger companies, ERP software solutions equally, if not more, benefit small to mid-sized organizations. They think that operations small in magnitude can be dealt with ease and simplicity, but just sample this:
According to Aberdeen group, mid-size companies with the help of real time and accurate information of daily operations can make smarter decisions that allow them to reduce their operational cost by 23% and lower administration costs by 22%.

What is an ERP solution?

So what exactly is ERP or enterprise resource planning all about? An ERP software gives you real time organizational data which allows you to base your decisions on facts and figures rather than the rule of thumb. It is a set of applications that help you to manage your company more systematically. It automates and streamlines your business operations and processes including technology, services and human resources to improve efficiency of your organization.

7 convincing reasons why you need ERP software solutions

It would not be wrong to say that the benefits of adopting an ERP system offset the time, money and energy you invest in implementing the software into your organization. Here are 7 convincing reasons why your organization should be using an ERP software, sooner rather than later.

1. Get real time data for decision making

Most often organizations base their decision making on precedence, rule of thumb or gut feel, as actual information is either not available or comes in late. But, with an ERP system in place you are able to take decisions based on real time data. This significantly improves the quality of decision making, which can save you money and enhance customer satisfaction.

2. Save costs for your organization

From supply chain management to product development and from IT and HR to management, an ERP system integrates your business processes which increases cost efficiency. An ERP software eliminates duplication of effort as everyone works on the same system saving your organization money and time. Also, you don’t need to train users on different systems which improves cost savings. Moreover, an ERP system improves your daily operations that lets entrepreneurs take smarter decisions saving you a lot of money.

3. Improve productivity of your organization

An ERP software improves operational efficiency and saves time by eliminating duplication of work which increases productivity. This in turn increases the efficiency of your workforce that enhances profitability of your organization.

4. Increases efficiency of your set up

An ERP system increases the visibility of your day-to-day operations and it becomes easier for you to get hold of various reports, as and when you want them. From statement of expense and customized reports to income statements and shipment order, you can get all the information at super-fast speed. This improves your decision making which in turn increases the efficiency of your organization.

5. Benefits production and inventory management

An ERP software can bring in a lot of improvement if your company uses inventory and has a production facility. It keeps you posted on exact production requirements. It also helps improve production and facilitates timely deliveries.

6. Increases customer satisfaction

If you think an ERP software is only to integrate internal processes, you are wrong. It also helps in keeping your customers satisfied. From generating leads to acquiring new customers, including their retention and support, an ERP solution helps you all the way through in customer lifecycle. When you look after your customers, keep your promise and deliver on time then there is no reason why they would not be happy.

7. Accurate and faster financial reports

Transactions are automatically processed with an ERP system in place, which also generates financial reports making period-end closing convenient. It points out mistake so that you can immediately check and correct the repetitions which makes closing a big headache.

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