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Effective communication is a must to connect with your target audience. Unless you communicate effectively with your audiences, it is tough to scale new heights in the business world. As a business owner, you have many options to choose an effective communication channel. And one communication channel that has no parallel is email.

Yes, email has stood the test of times. It is one of the oldest and most effective communication channels available to businesses.

But if you are using a free email account like @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc. to meet your business needs, it is a mistake that can yield negative results. There is no harm in using a free email account for personal purposes, but it is not the right choice if you use it for professional purposes.

If you use a generic email account, people might not take your business seriously. As a business, if you are using a generic email account, it reflects poorly on the professionalism of the organisation.

What you need is a reliable email hosting service that allows you to have an email account of your own. An email account of your own not just makes you look more professional, but it also generates trust among your audience.

Let us, therefore, take you through the benefits of business email hosting – why business email shows a level of trust, how added security protects your business, and how it makes you more organised.

Business email shows a level of trust

Trust is a crucial ingredient when you are dealing with your consumers. When businesses use a free email account, it doesn’t invoke a feeling of trust.

However, business email shows a level of trust.

Research has shown that professional email addresses help build trust among consumers. If you have an email address linked to your website, people tend to take you more seriously, and it helps create a feeling of trust among your prospective customers. A professional email address not just invokes a feeling of trust, but it can also serve as a marketing tool to boost your website traffic. When your professional email address is the same as your domain name, it becomes easier for your prospective clients to find your website. For example, when your email address is michael.cook@easysolutions.com & your domain name is easysolutions.com, it is not all that difficult to locate your website.

It makes you look more professional, trustworthy, and authentic.

Added security protects your business

Security is an issue that needs serious consideration by companies of all sizes. There is no harm in taking the necessary precautions. Without a doubt, added security protects your business. And, when you opt for a reliable email hosting service, you can rest assured that your company information in the form of attachments and other details will remain safe and secure from the prying eyes. When you don’t have to worry about security, you can focus more on streamlining your business processes.

Any company worth its name in the market in the email hosting service segment will provide secure HTTPS connections, spam and antivirus filters, firewall protection, and standard SSL encryptions. With these protections in place, it is difficult for unauthorised users to invade your privacy.

Stay more organised

A professional email address is not just easy to remember, more credible, and trustworthy, but it is also safe, helps you stay more organised, and you can use it for life.

Typically, people take you more seriously if you use a professional domain to send business emails. A business email address makes you look more credible and trustworthy. It is, therefore, crucial to have one to do well in the business landscape.

If you opt for a professional email address, you can use it to build your brand. You can use a brand-building signature and attach it with all your emails, which is a good way of taking your brand to your consumers and prospects.

Another benefit of having a professional email address is it helps your prospects to locate you in the online landscape. When your email address and your website address are the same, none of your prospects will have any problem.

A professional email address remains with you forever. For example, you don’t have to worry about losing it when you change your internet service provider (if you are using one of them).

Moreover, a professional email address helps you to stay more organised.

When you opt for a reliable email hosting service, you have an email account of your own. You can create different addresses for different departments to make your processes more organised. Whether you have four employees, eight employees, or more, you can create separate email heads to organise your workflow. For example, you can create sales@easysolutions.com, billing@easysolutions.com, feedback@easysolutions.com, customersupport@easysolutions.com, and so on.

It gives a more professional and organised look to your workflow among your customers.

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