Why Is Cloud Computing Services Essential For Your Business


According to Gartner, by 2020 a corporate no-cloud strategy would become as rare as a no-internet policy is in today’s time.

Cloud computing is neither a fad nor an illusion, it is a reality and a necessity which is here to stay. Businesses across the globe, small and big, are shifting their operations to the cloud, as it offers several benefits including flexibility, cost efficiency and increased productivity.

We are already using the cloud in our day to day lives, in one form or the other. Online banking, sending and receiving emails, or listening to music, you are part of the cloud revolution that has dominated the landscape of information technology in the last one decade.

The security concerns pertaining to cloud computing is no more an issue with the corporates now, as several checks and balances are in place to safeguard your company information.

Cloud computing and its type

The delivery of software, servers, analytics, storage, networking and databases, etc. via the internet is known as cloud computing. The companies that offer these services are referred to as cloud service providers and you need to only pay for what you use.

Cloud computing allows you to run all your programs or applications via the internet, without the need of investing in the costly IT infrastructure. It is the computing that is based on the internet. A boon for organisations starting off their operations, and also for those who are concerned about liquid funds.

There are three common types of cloud computing and these are:
Software as a service or SaaS
Platform as a service or PaaS
Infrastructure as a service, or IaaS

Reasons why your business needs cloud computing services

There was a time when cloud services were patronised by big corporate houses and small businesses thought that there was nothing much in store for them. But, things have changed since then and even small companies are now benefitting from the cloud services in equal measure.

Some of the main reasons why your business need cloud computing are:

You save money – Businesses, especially small and medium enterprises can do a lot more if they have liquid funds available with them during the initial stages of their operations. And, cloud computing gives them just that, the option to save huge amount of money. You do not need to buy costly machines or invest in hiring and managing a big IT team, or arrange for space to keep all those servers in your premises. With cloud computing you just pay for what you use, the services are on rent, you do not have to purchase it.

Also, there is minimum or no upfront cost involved when you shift your business to the cloud. It is therefore a cost effective option.

You can always keep your focus on your business – Managing an in house IT department takes away your precious time and attention. If you invest this time in your core competency, you can definitely take your business to a higher level, and that too at a faster pace. Cloud computing gives you the liberty to stay focussed on the development of your business. You have time to channelize your abilities in the right direction.

Increases the productivity of your staff– Maintaining on premise datacenters require constant attention of your in house IT team. But, when you move your operations to the cloud, it is the responsibility of the service provider to do all the regular maintenance work like software patching and setting up of the hardware. This gives your team sufficient time to accomplish other important business targets and add further value to your organisation.

Cloud computing is more reliable – Your customer data and company information needs to be protected at all costs. Even the best of systems and servers can crash if you do not invest in costly redundant systems. With completely adaptive disaster recovery, regular data backup and powerful machines/ servers, you can rest assure that your data is totally safe and secure. This also means that your business is continuously up and running without any significant downtime. You get all this and more with cloud computing, which is cost effective as well as reliable.

You get unmatched security – Losing tablets and laptops are a big issue, not because of the machine, but more due to the information you lose with them. But, with cloud computing you never lose any of your data, since all the information is in the cloud.
Cloud computing now offers strong password and multiple step verification so that your data remains completely safe.

It is scalable – Many organisations start small, but grow as they move on, and their IT requirements also increase along the way. But, this does not mean that you invest in the hardware and software when you do not need them. Cloud computing is scalable, you only need to pay for what you use. Hence, as you grow your software and hardware requirements are well taken care of by the cloud.

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