Is CRM Software Price The Only Criterion When Evaluating Its Purchase


Businesses have always looked for ways to impress their customers. It was difficult in the past to cater to the needs of all your customers with the same intensity and effectiveness as you would want that to happen. But, thanks to the advent of customer relationship management (CRM) solution, things have now become pretty simple, if you own a business. However, with so many vendors of CRM out there in the market, it is really tough to decide on which one to buy.

After all, a CRM system is said to increase the productivity of your sales representatives by as much as 27 percent.

What can a CRM system do for you?

Selecting a perfect tool for your organisation requires a lot of deliberation on various fronts, more so when you know that it is going to be the backbone of your sales and marketing teams. Yes, a CRM software gives you the wherewithal with which you can look after all your customers really well making them loyal to your brand or service. Also, it helps you convert your prospective leads into your customers, giving you a chance to make them your permanent patrons.

Is CRM software Price the only criterion?

There are various considerations when it comes to selecting the right kind of a CRM software for your company. Of course, CRM software price is one of the most important consideration, but it should not be a limiting factor. As an organisation you need to plan your investments and do that judiciously.

Typically, CRM vendors these days charge their customers a fixed monthly or yearly price on a per user basis. Also, most of them have plans that suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. The amount of money you finally have to pay would depend on the number of users you sign up for and the functionalities you require. As it is, with the introduction of cloud based CRM systems, the prices have become more competitive and affordable making it possible for small companies also to avail these services. On the other hand, if you opt for an in house CRM system you will have to pay more for a single user license.

But, when negotiating on price do keep in mind what you are going to get in return for the amount you pay. From upfront cost to the long term implications of the amount you would have to pay, research every bit of it. Also, remember that the CRM system you are purchasing integrates well with the existing IT infrastructure of your company.

You need to look at the ROI the CRM system you are planning to buy would generate for your organisation.

Apart from the CRM software price, here are some of the other points you should consider before finally going ahead and purchasing the system.

The CRM system should be Easy to use – You need to buy an intuitive and user friendly CRM system for your organisation, one which is easy to use for your employees. A complicated CRM system is difficult to give you good results. Your team members should be taken into confidence prior to the final decision is taken on the purchase. This would ensure that implementation of the software is smooth in your organisation.

Make sure the vendor you choose has sufficient experience – An experienced vendor would make the process of implementing the CRM easy. Find out about the vendor from wherever you can, social media, your friends in the industry or both.

Scalability – You would not want to invest in a CRM system every few years, hence make sure that the software you select has the capacity to grow with you. Scalability is an important consideration because you should not expect your workforce to embrace change every few years. Also, it is not financially viable to buy a CRM software that would not allow you to grow in future.

Vendor support – Another important consideration is vendor support. How much support your vendor is ready to extend to you. During the implementation stages it is always better to have good customer care and support from the vendor because it eases the nerves of your staff. Though, it is always helpful if you get support after the implementation phase is over, either through phone, chat or email.

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