Can Cloud Hosting Have An Impact On Your Website Visibility?


It is highly unlikely that being a website owner, you do not understand the importance of SEO. You need to have some basic knowledge of SEO if you want to do well on the internet. In case you want to succeed in the online circuit, you need to apply search engine optimisation or SEO to your website properly. To make a sound SEO strategy, you need to work on a lot of factors. But in the excitement of SEO, many website owners tend to forget the relationship between hosting and website visibility. The way you decide to host your website can significantly impact the visibility it generates on the search engine results page. It is for this reason that people who are in the know don’t think twice before shifting to cloud hosting to boost their website visibility.

Cloud hosting offers several benefits to businesses – it is cost-effective, secure, flexible, scalable, and above all, it improves website visibility.

Here are some compelling cloud hosting statistics.

Cloud hosting statistics

  • 77% of businesses have a minimum of one application or a portion of their enterprise computing infrastructure in the cloud (Forbes).
  • In 2018, businesses had predicted that they would invest an average of 3.5 million on cloud apps, platforms, and services.
  • 76% of businesses are looking at cloud apps and platforms to accelerate IT service delivery.
  • The Akamai Technologies State of Online Retail Performance report of 2017 has this to say about the website load speed which is a critical factor in SEO:
  • A delay of 100-milliseconds in website load time can bring down your conversion rates by 7%.
  • A delay of 2-second in the web page load time increases bounce rates by as much as 103%.
  • If a mobile site takes more than 3-seconds to load then 53% of its visitors will leave the page
  • So, is there any connection between cloud hosting and website visibility? Yes, there is. Let us take you through how cloud hosting can have a positive impact on your website visibility.
  • Cloud hosting in today’s competitive internet environment is one of the fastest ways to improve your website’s ranking on search engines. And, it also helps increase your page views and boosts your traffic.

Types of cloud computing

  • Broadly, based on a service the cloud model is offering, it is classified as under:
  • Infrastructure as a service or IaaS
  • Platform as a service or PaaS
  • Software as a service or SaaS
  • Or, Storage, Information, Database, Integration, Process Application, Testing, Management, Security as a service.
  • And, based on the deployment type, the cloud is classified as under:
  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Community
  • What is cloud hosting and how does it work?

    Cloud hosting is a method where a series of interconnected servers are used to host your website. The interconnected servers (known as nodes) are spread across geographical locations which makes it easier for your website or application to be accessed by users regardless of their area or device platform. Cloud hosting has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent past, and there are several cloud hosting service providers who now offer competitive cloud hosting packages to host your websites and applications.

    In cloud hosting, the resources for maintaining your website are spread over multiple servers, and you are only supposed to pay for what you use.

    Cloud computing offers some significant benefits which help boost your website’s visibility substantially.

    Here is how cloud hosting can impact your website visibility

    As mentioned earlier, cloud hosting offers several benefits to businesses. And, one of the major benefits is that cloud hosting helps improve the visibility of your website. Here is how cloud hosting improves the visibility of your website:

    1. Increases page load speed – As a website owner, you must be aware that page load speed is a critical factor which impacts your rankings on the search engine result page. The advantage of cloud hosting is that it improves the load speed of your website. Hence, when you move your website to the cloud, it starts loading faster. And, the faster your website loads, the better are your chances of climbing the search engine rankings.If your website takes too long to load, it creates a poor user experience which can decrease the number of visitors coming to your site and increase your bounce rates. And, when your bounce rates are low, it means that you are meeting the expectations of your users which is sure to be rewarded with better rankings. Since cloud hosting makes your website load faster, you can expect a higher page rank, hence improved visibility.
    2. The benefit of local SEO – In comparison to traditional hosting, cloud hosting helps your website gain an advantage in local markets. For local searches, your website needs a country related domain extension or domain name which should indicate that it is part of a particular region or country. For instance, a website with a domain name will rank better in local searches in New Zealand and Australia than a website with a domain name In the case of local searches, search engines take into account the details of the local market your website caters to and the place where it is hosted. As a website owner who has opted for traditional hosting, if you want your website to fare well on local searches, you will have to purchase domain names featuring the country extension so that your website is hosted on local servers.But with cloud hosting, you don’t have to worry about all of this because the server nodes are spread all over the globe. There is no need to host your website on different local servers to fare well on the search results. You also do not need to tie your website to a particular ccTLD. With cloud hosting in place, your website can have a presence in any country, and you can fare well on the local search results.
    3. It improves your performance – Cyberattacks, server downtime, and other security complications can seriously impact your SEO efforts. People do not want to engage with a website that regularly performs poorly, does not offer a decent uptime, and is vulnerable to security breaches. But when it comes to cloud hosting, it is extremely reliable. In cloud hosting, the resources you need to run your website is spread across multiple servers. Hence, when there is a problem with one server, the other takes over which ensures that your website remains up and running always. Also, with cloud hosting, you get improved bot protection, and you also get enhanced security to ward off other forms of cyberattacks.Since cloud hosting improves the performance of your website, it is bound to have a positive effect on the search rankings of your website which in turn increases your traffic.
    4. Enhanced mobile compatibility – People these days are increasingly using mobile devices to access the internet. Due to this, major search engines now include mobile responsiveness as one of the ranking factors. What it effectively means is that your website should display properly on all the devices, including mobile devices. And, in case your website does not load properly on mobile devices, you will lose traffic from users who access the internet from mobile devices. It is, therefore, important that you optimise your website for mobile devices which ensures that you get traffic from all the quarters. And, when you opt for cloud hosting, you get the resources and tools which you can use to make your website mobile compatible. When you make your website mobile compatible, it is sure to boost your SEO efforts which ultimately makes your website more visible.
    5. It offers BOT protection – Top cloud hosting service providers make sure that you are protected against bots. Bots or malicious scripts are tasks that can negatively impact your website which, in turn, adversely affects your search engine rankings. Bots are applications that command and attack the search engine. For example, scraping bots which are responsible for duplicating content can negatively impact your SEO ranking and should be avoided at all the costs. And, when you opt for a cloud hosting server, your website is protected against these bots. Link spamming bots are another challenge that cloud solution providers can effectively address. Therefore, cloud hosting impacts your SEO efforts positively.If you want to host your website on the cloud, you can get in touch with vStacks Infotech now. The reason you should select us is simple – our cloud servers are built on powerful machines and offer the bandwidth that helps your website surge ahead in search rankings. Our cloud hosting packages are affordable, and it can help you empower your website as well as business.