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It was in October 2008 that the first Android phone hit the market, which became a rage and changed the landscape of the mobile handset sector across the world bringing in a revolution in the app development business. With 2.8 million apps to download from the Android play store as of March 2017, growth of app development shows no sign of let-up. But, with so many Android app development companies mushrooming in the market, it is difficult for a business to select an organisation that would serve their interest as well.

Welcome to the world of vStacks Infotech, an Android app development company that promises businesses to go mobile with an intent.

Why is an Android app essential for your business?

No matter which business you are into, a mobile strategy needs to be in place if you want your customers, employees and partners to be contended. An Android app is essential for the success of any and every organisation. With the mobile usage on the rise, it is difficult to connect to your customers without taking full advantage of the mobile technology.

What you should look for in an Android app development company?

A simple search on Google regarding an Android app development company throws up as many as 1, 74, 00, 000 results. Is it not confusing for you as an entrepreneur to select the correct company that can take your mobile strategy forward? Yes indeed, it does sound scary. But, we at vStacks Infotech would like to make things easy for you. Here are a few tips that would make the selection process of an Android app development company simple for you.

To start with the first thing you should do is try and assess your needs. What is the kind of app you are looking at – hybrid or a native app? What would be your target audience and user base? This would initially help you narrow down your search.

Then consider the following factors before finalising your Android app development company.


This is a no brainer, nothing can compensate experience. Always look for a company that has been in the market for long, and has sufficient experience in the Android app development business. vStacks Infotech has been in the software development industry for over two decades and in the mobile app development business since the time app market took off. With offices in India, Dubai and the U.S., we have satisfied clients all over the world reaping benefits of their Android apps.From deployment and testing to design and development of Android apps, our developers know their job like the back of their hand.

Try and speak to the clients directly

Going through the website testimonials is not sufficient enough to find out about the actual technical expertise of the company you are planning to hire for Android app development. Try and speak to the customers who have taken their services, they are the ones who will give you the actual picture. We ask all our future customers to interact with our present patrons and find out for themselves their level of satisfaction with vStacks Infotech. This gives them the confidence to come on board without any hiccup.

Check on their portfolio

Always ask for the work they have done in the past, check their portfolio, have they done something similar to what your requirements are? In terms of technical excellence, find out what the company you are planning to hire has done in the past. We recommend our customers to minutely check our portfolio. This develops the requisite confidence, which helps both the parties concerned in having great working relationship in future.

Find about the customer service

Android app development is a process, and as a client you need to know what goes on through the entire course. The company you are planning to hire should take you along and be able to communicate the nitty gritty of the app development process in detail, if you so desire. We, at vStacks Infotech keep our clients posted on all the developments and our open to suggestions through chat, phone, mail or personal meetings.

Another important consideration is the price of the Android app, it should be cost effective for your business. We at vStacks Infotech offer prices that are the most competitive in the Android app development industry. Never ever has price been a problem for any of our customers.

With a satisfied customer base who are already enjoying the benefits of their Android mobile apps, vStacks Infotech has sufficient experience to cater to all your mobile technology needs. From development to implementation, we make the process of your Android app journey seamless and rewarding.

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