Our Top Most Services Top LMS Software Companies Of 2019

The online revolution has changed the learning and development landscape of the Indian market. Professional development opportunities are now more important to individuals than ever before. And, one way of keeping your employees engaged and current on the professional development front is to offer them high-quality training. The best way to impart high-quality training to your employees is to adopt an LMS. That is why companies in India are increasingly shifting their focus on acquiring an LMS. But with so many LMS software companies out there in the market, selecting one for your organisation becomes a tricky affair. So, how do you select the best LMS for your organisation and what do the top LMS software companies of 2019 have to offer? Selecting the best among the top LMS software companies of 2019 is a difficult decision to make, but it is certainly not an impossible task.

Welcome to the world of eZnet LMS, a software offering from the stable of vStacks Infotech. We have been at the forefront of learning and development revolution that has taken the Indian market by storm. Corporates all over the world as well as in India are using our eZnet LMS offering successfully.

eZnet LMS is a cloud-based enterprise wide application which manages your entire workforce through an all-inclusive solution.

However, before getting into the top LMS software companies of 2019 in India, you first need to understand the criteria for selecting the best LMS company.

The selection criteria….

It is vital for organisations to take into account the following factors before selecting an LMS:

  • You should first look at the features and functionalities of the LMS.
  • You also need to assess whether the LMS you are planning to buy offers a user-friendly experience or not.
  • Customisation and integration are also important factors which you need to consider.
  • Pricing is another factor which you need to consider.
  • The kind of support the LMS vendor is ready to offer is also important for organisations.

Top LMS software companies of 2019

Let us take you through the list of top LMS companies so that you can select the best for your organisation. Some of the top LMS software companies of 2019 are:

Excelsoft – An eLearning company, Excelsoft services range from content development, custom applications, gamified learning, mobile applications, open source, and solutions implementation. Others include blended learning, mobile learning, synchronous learning, etc. It offers secure learning management and assessment management system environment.

Zeus Learning – It is an eLearning company which offers eLearning services like Mobile and HTMLS development. It also offers product engineering, LMS, CMS, and TEI systems, software simulation, animation tools, content development, QA and testing options, and design and usability.

Paradiso – The company has quite a bit of experience in the eLearning industry. It provides robust data security and offers LMS implementation quickly. It offers features like gamification and mobile compatibility. It also offers synchronous learning, blended learning, mobile learning, etc.

G-Cube Solutions – It is an eLearning company that has quite a bit of experience in the industry. The company offers custom eLearning services and platform customisation. It also offers translation and language services, authoring tools gamified learning, instructor training, mobile learning, advisory and courses library, consulting, etc.

vStacks Infotech – The company has been in the eLearning and LMS business for over two decades now. The company offers engaging end-to-end LMS solutions for corporates and learning institutions of all sizes. Rich on the features and functionality front, the LMS also offers excellent user experience. From mobile learning, web-based learning, and gamified learning to content development and custom applications, the LMS ranks high on all these fronts. Also, apart from providing robust data security, the LMS implementation can take place in a jiffy.

Be it corporate training, blended learning, or classroom teaching, eZnet LMS is a perfect platform that offers an end-to-end LMS solution. Whether it is consultancy, content courseware development, or instructional design, vStacks Infotech is capable of delivering customised eLearning solutions to all the verticals.

Also, eZnet LMS integrates well with your existing applications.

Customer support is another vital criterion which you should consider when you are planning to buy an LMS. And, when you are dealing with vStacks Infotech, you don’t have to worry about customer support because you get the support 24X7 in whichever form that suits you.

Another important thing that businesses consider while selecting an LMS for their organisations is the price. When it comes to pricing, vStacks Infotech offers competitive pricing which is comparable to the best in the industry.

If LMS solution is what you are looking at, then you should get in touch with vStacks Infotech now.