Our Top Most Services CRM for Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry is the mainstay of several economies and presently accounts for one fourth of the world’s economic activity. A core sector for the Indian economy, manufacturing industry has the potential to account for 25- 30% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and touch US $ 1trillion by the year 2025. The thrust provided to the sector by the current government with initiatives like Make in India, is set to transform the country into a manufacturing hub.

These kind of growth figures are difficult, but not impossible to achieve. The manufacturing units need a strong and satisfied customer base and proper coordination within the organisation to attain the growth.

What is CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management is a process used to strengthen customer relationship by understanding more about their needs and requirements. It is also a process which integrates various functions within the organisation.

Why CRM solutions for manufacturers?

Manufacturing units use cutting edge technology and cost effective ways to remain relevant in today’s highly competitive and demanding consumer-centric market. They have to maintain their productivity without compromising on quality, and also have to forge strong relationships with customers. CRM solutions for manufacturers enable the organisation to effectively streamline and manage their customers, operations, inventory and schedules, increase productivity and above all reduce costs.

Why Cloud CRM?

With manufacturing units ready to shift focus to the technological innovations, Cloud-based CRM solution has started gaining credence in the industry. A Cloud-based CRM brings in a lot of value to the table of the manufacturer. The first and the foremost reason for the Cloud-based CRM acquiring popularity is the fact that it provides a 360 degree view of the organisation, and that too at affordable prices. As the data is stored in the Cloud, it reduces on-site expenses of the manufacturer, allows them to be competitive with pricing and ensures effective budget control. Moreover, reliable Cloud servers also make sure that your data gets unmatched security and you get accessibility on the go. Further, it also helps you predict profitable projects using pertinent data, hence saves time, money and effort, and eventually justifies CRM integration with the organisation.

CRM integration with manufacturing organisations has the following key advantages:

  • Accountability- CRM solutions for manufacturers make your employees more accountable since the data and communication processes can effectively be monitored.
  • Fully customisable dashboard- A CRM system allows you to smoothly and efficiently manage all the functions of your organisations from a single user-friendly dashboard.
  • Calendar and task management- Production is the lifeline of a manufacturing industry. Follow and stick to a strict production schedule where each employee can be tracked for his/ her performance/ output. The schedule can be accessed by the employees as well, if they have the access.
  • Document management- Also, effectively manage all your company’s documents and improve communication.
  • Inventory management- You can manage your vendors and customers more efficiently. Maintain your supplies and material inventory up to date and keep a tab on your product’s availability to serve your customers properly.
  • Up-to-date reporting- Make your employees more efficient and closely monitor their performance.
  • Manage and monitor your customers, vendors and competition more closely and effectively.
  • Mobile connectivity- Stay in touch with your business from anywhere, securely access your data and monitor your employees. It also enables your sales team to function more efficiently with all the relevant data being just a click away.
  • Reduce your marketing costs.
  • CRM solutions for manufacturers can increase your production and also improves the sales of your organisation.
  • Keep your customers satisfied with a personalised approach.

If you are in the manufacturing industry and want to increase productivity of your organisation, make your employees more efficient and accountable and provide quality service to your customers, you should start thinking about using eZnetCRM for manufacturing. A Cloud based CRM solution, eZnetCRM will help you run your organisation more professionally and thus profitably.