eZnet POS is designed for you with your customers in mind. You listen to your customers, and we listen to you.Here at eZnet we know how technology has spoiled us and you know what, we deserve it. eZnet POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale software that streamlines the checkout process and gives both standalone businesses and chains the freedom to manage their product or service offerings with ease.

We know that you want to focus on your product and passion so we suggest you leave the boring stuff to us. With eZnet, let us provide not only your mobile commerce, but the resulting analytics, and overall organization for optimal employee access and effectiveness.

With eZnet POS, a 28% annual growth rate is predicted for businesses of any size. That’s 28% more revenue, 28% more satisfied customers, and perhaps even a 28% reduction on your stress level! Take advantage of what eZnet POS offers your business- the ultimate bird’s-eye view.

How does eznet POS work?

All eZnet POS systems will be setup for your specific industry’s needs. You will simply need to add your products and users and voila! You are ready to start selling. eZnet POS will record all transactions in real-time, keep track of orders, customers, discounts, payments, creates sales reports and even email customizable receipts to your customers. Quick serve and full table restaurants are standard with eZnet POS, easily customizable to your establishment’s seating types or takeout needs.

How to Evaluate POS Software?

There are various factors to consider when evaluating which POS to purchase. First, it is important to consider the return on investment; will the product help to generate revenue? Second, is the learning curve; is it user-friendly? Third, it should be easy to customize; does it accommodate changing business models? Finally, how much support is offered by the vendor for the particular product?

How to Buy POS Software?

When purchasing a POS software, it is imperative to identify your business needs. It is also crucial to understand what is involved in implementing a POS and define your requirements. Pay special attention when researching vendors and compare each software to see what they offer. Once you have clearly identified your POS objectives and made a short list of potential vendors, the next step is to examine pricing plans. If a vendor offers a functional demo version, you can try each before committing to the fully licensed product.

New to POS?

Are you looking for a quick, easy way to sell your product? eZnetPOS is designed for easy checkout, employee scheduling, time tracking and sales reporting. Everything a growing business needs to be productive and provide quick checkouts to keep your customers happy.

Are Your Cashiers Mobile?

Our quick service software enables your cashiers to process take-out orders or new purchases in seconds. And let’s be honest, burning wallets don’t permit much patience. Wait lines will decrease as you watch your customer loyalty base increase.

This flexibility will help you focus on doing why you started your business; your passion for people and passion for proving your entrepreneurial worth.

All-in-One Cloud-Based Platform

With eZnet POS, you can access your real-time reports anytime, anywhere giving you a bird’s-eye view of your business’s efficiency. Our system is 100% cloud-based, enabling you to monitor your sales from any internet-ready device.

We know keeping up with current trends is hard. Need to add a new item to the menu or new product line on-the-go? With eZnet POS’s personal login portal and sleek platform, you can make those changes easier than creating those trendy gluten-free alternatives for your menu!

Perfect for Franchises or Restaurant Chains

Why run multiple POS systems when you can manage the sales of multiple operations at the single click of a button?

Not only do we respect your hustle, we also have you covered. With our ability to customize pricing and offerings at each address. With custom receipts with your logo, sales reports and multiple payment and tax options. “in short, eZnet POS” is perfect for the store chain or franchise owner.

See how eZnet POS can work for you. Schedule Your Free Demo Today.

How EZnet POS Works
Our personalized login pages simplify the ordering experience for your customers. Whether you use Apple, Android or Windows, eZnet POS provides custom menus and multiple payment features. Customers have the option to print or email their receipt to themselves on the spot. With only a few taps, you can shave minutes off checkout time and add them back to your downtime.

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